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Crisis in the Ukraine Could Impact Outsourced Semantic Projects

ukraineThe last few months have been witness to the Ukraine crisis, with antigovernment demonstrations in the wake of former President Viktor Yanukovych tightening ties with the Kremlin, his fleeing the country following a rebellion against him, and the annexation of Crimea by Russia. Tensions continue between Ukraine, which plans new presidential elections for May 25, and Russia. Just today, the mayor of Kharkiv, reportedly an opponent of the pro-West protests, was shot in the back, while the U.S. is imposing new sanctions on Russian government officials, including two members of President Putin’s inner circle and 17 companies linked to that inner circle.

Obviously, there are big issues at stake here about sovereignty and nation destabilization, but the situation also has implications for the IT sector. That includes the advancement of semantic projects around the world.

The Semantic Web Blog, for example, recently heard from a contractor working on a semantic project for a website that the effort has fallen a bit behind schedule due to, among other things, geopolitical events. One of its developers was a Russian national working in Ukraine who left the country when Putin annexed Crimea, he said.

Another source who preferred to remain anonymous, and whose semantic technology and IT outsourcing company is located in another Eastern European country, said that his company has already been contacted by a few businesses in the U.S. that had been securing services from software companies in both the Ukraine and Russia. Because of the situation, he said, these companies told him that they are now exploring their options in Eastern European countries that are members of the European Union. In such locations, including his home country, they can find great engineers and still quite competitive rates on the labor side, he noted.

That said, it was clear that that wasn’t the road to new business that this semantic tech executive prefers to travel down, as he noted that World War II and the Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe is still within the living memory of people in these countries.

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Former Siri Product Lead Raises $1M for Unsilo, a Semantic Search Engine


Ingrid Lunden of TechCrunch reports, “Apple’s acquisition of Siri in 2010 gave the company the technology it needed to build a voice-activated personal assistant for its iPhone and iPad devices. A year later, Mads Rydahl — one of the first employees at Siri as its director of product design — sold something else to Apple: a set of patents, nine in all, from a startup he founded before joining Siri. Today, Rydahl is working on a new startup: a semantic search engine called Unsilo, which is now preparing for a launch in November backed with $1 million from Danish incubator Oei and Scale Capital, a small VC firm co-headquartered in the U.S. (Palo Alto) and Denmark.” Read more

4 Egyptian Semantic Start-Ups Hunt for US Funds

A recent article reports that “Four Egyptian startups are making their way to the US today, in an effort to pitch their ideas to investors in New York and San Francisco. In a trip which represents a networking opportunity, as well as a chance to get more exposure, the main idea behind the venture is to take Egypt’s startup scene global, and secure the financing necessary to do so. Kngine… is going across the pond, along with three other companies. The semantic search engine already has an international following, but is hoping to secure both funding, as well as a mentorship to improve the product.” Read more