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HealthONE Hospitals Launches BodyMaps

Healthline Networks and Visual Health Solutions and Denver’s leading healthcare system, HealthONE, today announced a partnership to provide patients and physicians with Healthline’s BodyMaps application via the HealthONE website,

BodyMaps demystifies complex aspects of health by combining Healthline’s unique semantic taxonomy and Visible Health Solution’s high-quality anatomical content into a unique interactive 3D experience for users to visually explore the human body, from its largest organ to its smallest bone. BodyMaps also maps thousands of anatomical and clinical terms to simple patient-friendly synonyms, making it understandable to anyone. Read more

How Healthline is Using Semantic Technology to Promote Health

West Shell, CEO of Healthline is turning to the semantic web to compete with internet health giants like WebMD. Wade Roush reports, “Shell says 170 million Americans turn to the Internet every month for help managing their health. And Healthline, the 130-employee company he’s been leading since 2005, captures a huge portion of them: roughly 100 million per month, spread across the many Web properties, such as Yahoo Health,, and, that use the company’s search tools and medical content. It’s one of the three largest U.S. providers of consumer health information on the Web, the others being WebMD and Everyday Health.” Read more