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Semantic Technology Jobs: Booz Allen Hamilton

BoozAllenBooz Allen Hamilton is searching for a Data Scientist in Rockville, MD. According to the post, this position will “Work with cross functional consulting teams within the data science and analytics team to design, develop, and execute solutions to derive business insights and solve clients’ operational and strategic problems. Support the development of data science and analytics solutions and product that improve existing processes and decision making. Build internal capabilities to better serve clients and demonstrate thought leadership in latest innovations in data science, big data, and advanced analytics. Contribute to business and market development for the government and commercial market in the health space.” Read more

Semantic Technology Jobs: Senior NLP Developer


Grammarly is looking for a Senior NLP Developer in San Francisco, CA. According to the post, “Grammarly is looking for outstanding Natural Language Processing engineers to help us build the world’s best automated English proofreader. We need someone who wields two swords and is equally good at linguistics and engineering. As a Senior NLP Developer you will: Drive the implementation of challenging NLP algorithms in the Grammarly core and help your peers with easier NLP tasks as an expert; Work with our linguists to collect, organize and process data used in different components of the system; Brainstorm with us on ways to make Grammarly smarter and develop new technologies at the forefront of modern Natural Language Processing.” Read more

Semantic Technology Jobs: MIT


MIT is looking for a Research Software Engineer, NLP in Cambridge, MA. The post states, “The lab will develop technologies and methods to enable new modes of social engagement in news, politics, and government.  Will help the lab build a high performance data pipeline designed to ingest and analyze large-scale streams of heterogeneous media data. Responsibilities include creating language models from petabytes of text data using Hadoop, working closely with researchers to implement algorithms that power research experiments, and measuring and continually optimizing performance of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) algorithms.  Will report to Professor Deb Roy.” Read more

Semantic Technology Job: Apple


Apple is looking for a Siri Software Engineer – Data in Santa Clara, CA. The post states, “Play a part in the next revolution in human-computer interaction. Contribute to a product that is redefining mobile computing. Create groundbreaking technology for large scale systems, spoken language, big data, and artificial intelligence.  And work with the people who created the intelligent assistant that helps millions of people get things done — just by asking. Join the Siri Data team at Apple… The Siri data team is responsible for the analytics of Siri usage, the preparation and serving of data that Siri uses to answer questions, and the sophisticated algorithms that use the data to improve Siri’s accuracy.” Read more

Semantic Technology Jobs: Bing

Bing is looking for a Senior Software Development Engineer in Bellevue, WA. According to the post, “Have you ever issued a query to a search engine, and the information you got back was inappropriate or, worse yet, offensive? Or maybe you set the safesearch mode to ‘strict’, expecting the search engine to filter out explicit adult material, but were surprised with adult content making its way into the results page anyway? Here at Bing Adult Filtering team we are committed to providing a ‘safe’ search experience to Bing’s users. Our mission is to protect our users by identifying and filtering out content that is a) inappropriate for a particular age group, b) offensive and unwanted given user intent or c) illegal in a particular market. It is up to this team to ensure that, for example, a kid querying for ‘babe’ or high-schooler querying for ‘sex education’ do not get inundated with links to inappropriate material and we take tremendous pride in knowing that *we* prevent such poor experience that’s harmful both to the user as well as the Bing brand.” Read more

Semantic Technology Job: Task Management

Task Management Inc. is looking for a Natural Language Processing Engineer in New York, NY. The post states, “Financial Services Company seeking a software engineer experienced with Real-world experience applying machine learning, NLP or other advanced algorithms to large (TB scale) data sets. This company combines expertise in high-volume unstructured data (especially social media) with the application of complex quantitative algorithms such as machine learning, natural language processing, predictive analytics, semantic analysis or machine translation.  The challenges of this project require deep, hands-on technical knowledge at all layers of the stack combined with creative problem solving ability and outstanding interpersonal skills.” Read more

Semantic Technology Jobs: Spotify


Spotify is looking for a Software Engineer – Machine Learning in New York, NY. According to the post, “Spotify is looking for exceptional machine learning engineers to help us build the world’s best music recommendations. The ideal candidate has experience in large scale machine learning, collaborative filtering, recommender systems, and/or other related fields.  We employ large scale machine learning techniques to mine terabytes of data to come up with great music recommendations, personalize the Spotify experience, classify music, clean our data, and other things. As a ML developer at Spotify you will work on new recommendation algorithms, try out new ways to apply our data, build new product features, and run continuous A/B tests.” Read more