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openAFRICA Semantic Toolkit Wins African News Innovation Challenge

The African News Innovation Challenge winners have been announced, and among the victors is openAFRICA, a semantic toolkit for analyzing access to information requests. According to the team behind the project, openAFRICA aims to “Create a standardised digital management toolkit for African freedom-of-information organisations and investigative journalists, on top of a pan-African semantic document repository.”

Asked to describe the real world challenges that their project solves, the creators stated, “Journalists and citizens routinely ‘liberate’ government information when they make successful requests using access to information laws. But, this information immediately disappears again from public consciousness, because it is not digitally captured in a centralised, searchable, public repository. Public knowledge therefore remains fragmented, with media and civic watchdogs constantly ‘reinventing the wheel’.” Read more

SmarterEmails Can Help You Better Manage your Inbox

CloudTweaks has named French company Kwaga one of the top 25 European Cloud Computing Rising Stars, and with good reason: “Web-based email services and applications are considered a classic example of cloud-based solutions offered by a large number of providers. Kwaga, however, goes a step beyond traditional cloud email services and offers a solution based off applied computational linguistics, which is able to understand email texts and take appropriate actions depending on the type and content of the message.” Read more