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Publishers Now Have an Automated Way to Match Videos to Articles

Touchstorm logoNEW YORK, Dec. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Publishers can finally align their video assets with their editorial text using content relevance technology from veeseo. Proven in Europe with some of the region’s top websites, including AOL, Axel Springer, Handelsblatt, MSN and Spiegel, veeseo adds significant value to site editorial, which results in videos with mid-article placement, higher engagement scores, and clicks that remain on the publisher site. Touchstorm partnered with Hamburg-based veeseo GmbH to bring the technology to the North American market, setting up a new venture, veeseo North America, to run the business. Read more

On® Entertainment Metadata from TMS Provides Viewing Data for Jinni’s ‘My TV & Movie Guide’ App


CHICAGO, Dec. 4, 2013  /PRNewswire/ – TMS, the international leader in entertainment navigation, and Jinni, the first and only taste-and-mood based semantic discovery engine for video, have announced that Jinni is using TMS’ world-class On®Entertainment metadata to provide availability information for linear TV and OTT content on its new ‘My TV & Movie Guide’ iPad app and web service. As a result, once consumers find something great to watch using Jinni’s taste and mood based recommendation engine, they can easily find when and where to watch it. Jinni’s superior recommendations are seamlessly integrated into the viewing experience and deliver the most personalized and relevant TV and movie options to end users. Read more

Thinkglue Launches a Semantic Wi-Fi Router to Help Protect Kids from Inappropriate Online Content


(PRWEB) November 19, 2013 —, an innovative start up based at the Google Technology Centre in London has just launched a crowd funded project to embed their semantic video analysis technology into a home Wi-Fi. The project aims to stop inappropriate content from entering our houses by applying real time semantic analysis of any media stream trying to reach our mobile devices and pcs.


Unlike other solutions, Thinkglue performs real time semantic stream analysis to detect inappropriate language in videos, bad images and child unsafe sites without the need to install special software and without relying on people to flag child unsafe content. Violent videos from YouTube can be a thing of the past. Read more

Veveo Awarded Patent for Advanced Speech-Based Interface Technology With Conversational Capability


ANDOVER, MA–(Marketwired – Nov 18, 2013) - Veveo, a leading provider of semantic technologies to bridge the usability gap in connected devices and applications with intelligent search, discovery and personalization solutions, announced today it has been awarded a seminal patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in the area of speech-based interfaces for devices that allow natural conversations similar to the way people speak with each other.  Read more

What to Expect from Semantic Video in 2014


Bill Drolet of Reel SEO recently wrote, “Significant changes are under way in online video and will begin percolating into the everyday experiences of consumers in the coming year. Videos will be more interactive, relevant to interests, and found in more places than ever as they displace display ads on top Web sites. End of year predictions are not unusual, but changes are rarely so impactful as what’s in store for online video in 2014. New technologies and the rapid growth of ad spending are driving it. 2013 brought the single largest percentage growth in ad revenue ever, and the market is predicted to exceed $9 billion in the U.S. in the coming months. A 2013 study by Cisco found that online video is the fastest growing consumer service offering, with over 1 billion users.” Read more

Veveo Named as CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Award Honoree


NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Nov 13, 2013) - Veveo, a leading provider of semantic technologies to bridge the usability gap in connected devices and applications with intelligent search, discovery and personalization solutions, today announced that it has been named an International CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree for its Conversational Video Search App. Products entered in this prestigious program are judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, independent engineers and members of the trade media to honor outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products across 29 product categories. Read more

Semantic Video: Can TV Catch Up to the Web?


Sam Vasisht of Veveo recently wrote an article for Wired in which he states, “Leading mobile, web and social companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook are driving towards paradigm shifts in redefining user experience. Such experiences include intelligent voice driven interfaces and predictive personalized discovery of content as represented in services such as Google NOW, Facebook Graph Search and Apple Siri, for example. As users experience such shifts in usability in web and mobile applications, the question that television programmers should be asking themselves is whether television is keeping up with the new expectations that users are likely to have as a result?” Read more

An Intelligent TV Ecosystem: How the Viewer Experience Will Change

Martin Focazio of Interactive TV Today recently wrote, “Today, televisions have poor manners. They don’t listen, they don’t shut up, and they constantly show you things you’re not really interested in seeing. They show violent content to your kids when you’re not around and they don’t even have the courtesy to pause the program when you leave the room. This blind, deaf and dumb machine that dominates our homes is about to change radically. The television of tomorrow will be an ever-observant and civilized part of the home with unmatched access to your tastes and preferences. Like a good butler, it will unobtrusively respond to your wishes (verbalized or not), it will react appropriately to who is in the room and it will offer an appropriate selection of content for your enjoyment. In short, the television of tomorrow will know you and the people you live with, will know what you like, and will seem intelligent–perhaps nearly sentient.” Read more

Semantic Video’s Banner Year

The BBC made use of semantic video annotation in its coverage of the 2012 Olympics

It’s fair to say that an good idea has finally “arrived” when it has left the realm of the theoretical and has become the foundation of a lot of popular tools, services, and applications.

That is surely the case with Semantic Video.

Gone are the days when internet video could best be described as a meaningless blob of content invisible to search and impossible to annotate and reuse in meaningful ways.

The past year has seen an explosion of practical (and popular) services and applications that are based upon the extraction of meaningful metadata– and often linked data– from video content.

For those of us lucky enough to view it, the BBC wowed us last July with its Olympic Coverage, broadcasting live every event of the Olympics on 24 HD streams, all accessible over the internet, with live, dynamic data and statistics on athletes.  To pull off this feat, the BBC used a custom-designed Dynamic Semantic Publishing platform which included fluid Operations’ Information Workbench to help author, curate and publish  ontology and instance data.

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Session Spotlight: Beyond the Blob – Semantic Video’s Coming of Age

Michael Dunn, CTO of Hearst Media has been quoted saying, “Video, in its native form, is a blob of content… and it’s hard to extract data from it.” Thankfully, semantic technologies are starting to take video “beyond the blob,” and that is precisely what panelists at the upcoming Semantic Technology and Business Conference in San Francisco will discuss.

The panel discussion Beyond the Blob: Semantic Video’s Coming of Age is set to begin at 2:25 on Monday, June 3 at SemTechBiz and will feature a panel of semantic web professionals with a broad range of experience regarding semantic video. The panel will be moderated by Kristen Milhollin, Project Lead & Founder of, an organization aimed at creating a nonprofit media and data distribution network that increases public awareness and support of the work done by nonprofit and other charitable organizations.  Read more