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Semantic Web Jobs: JL360 Media

JL360 Media is looking for a Semantics Analyst in Westfield, NJ. Responsibilities of this position include the following: “Quickly understand difficult technical and business challenges facing our clients and find unique and practical solutions. Work with clients in diverse and exciting industries such as the pharmaceutical, financial, and retail industries. Create solutions that tackle challenges in domains such as drug discovery and research, competitive intelligence, marketing/sales, and data governance. You will work with state-of-the-art technologies for bringing data together, for extracting data from natural language, and creating new, dynamic ways to interact with large amounts of data. Manage implementation projects to ensure smooth communication with the client and timely completion of project tasks. Participate in various parts of the business by collaborating with product management, development, and sales.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen is looking for a Semantics Analyst in Rockville, MD. According to the post, responsibilities of this position include: “Assess an institute’s level of maturity in regard to semantics. Analyze and understand the business needs driving the adoption of semantics. Develop the appropriate approach and the technical expertise to implement data dictionary generation, ontology creation, maintenance, standardized metadata for electronic data capture, and data governance. Leverage how each of these topics can be used to further the mission and vision of the particular government agency. Focus on national health interoperability, EHRs, and comparative effectiveness, government agencies will need to adopt semantics in order to enable seamless interoperability from basic research data to clinical trials to point of care and back.” Read more