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Big Data and the Semantic Web: Their Paths Will Cross

Big Data and the Semantic Web are on a track to intersect. And businesses that want to be on track to profit from the explosion in data should start looking a little more closely at that intersection, and soon.

“We’ve got more data now than ever before coming at us, and it is coming faster and faster,” says Frank Coyle, director of the Software Engineering program in the Lyle School of Engineering at Southern Methodist University, whose research is in the area of web services and semantic web technologies. “So the semantic angle is how can you organize this data to take advantage of it, to do queries over it.” Those in the semantic web community say RDF is the way to go, he says, adding that people now use the term linked data as another way of describing semantic data. “If you take Big Data and link it, then you have semantics – you have meaning now introduced into the equation.”

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Real-Time NLP And The Cloud Are Key To Online Recipe And Shopping Service Whisk

What do you get when you mix two parts natural language processing with a little personalization, and add in a dash of the cloud? The answer is Whisk, a U.K. company building a service that lets users purchase the ingredients for any recipe they find on the Internet.

“The crux of it is that you can take any recipe on the ‘Net and turn it into a transaction in on online market,” says co-founder Craig Edmunds. “There’s a machine translation problem from the recipe up through to our internal language, which is one NLP problem, and then another is from our internal language into online markets.” Another leg of the work is that the service seeks to not match to just one item at a market but as many as possible, and consider user preferences as to which is the optimal product, too.

At the upcoming Semantic Technology and Business Conference in the U.K., Edmunds will be considering how the issues of machine translation, manual intervention, personalization and the cloud intersect in creating a service that adds all the ingredients they need for dishes they find online straight into their online shopping basket.

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