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Saffron Technology Raises $7 million in Series B funding

Saffron Technology LogoCary, NC, March 20, 2014 – Saffron Technology, a cognitive systems company helping Fortune 1000 businesses understand the value of transforming disconnected data into actionable knowledge, today announced that it has closed a $7 million Series B investment round. Funds are earmarked to accelerate business growth, including opening new global headquarters in Silicon Valley.

“Data becomes infinitely more powerful when you tie together its meaning from a multiplicity of disparate sources. Our patented Natural Intelligence Platform unifies all kinds of data – structured and unstructured – in real time, from a large variety of sources and continuously learns about the things in the data without the need for pre-determined rules or models,” said Gayle Sheppard, Saffron Technology CEO. “Now you can automatically see converging and other patterns to anticipate outcomes and prepare to act. These capabilities, combined with our customers’ success with Saffron, position us well for growth. With this additional funding, we will expand customer-centric next generation service teams, build a strong brand presence, create scalability across our business, and establish a Silicon Valley headquarters in spring 2014.”

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DataPop Raises $7M in Series B Funding

Derrick Harris reports that DataPop, an LA-based startup that uses Big Data to deliver custom online ads has raised $7 million in Series B funding. Harris states, “The company’s technology uses big data techniques such as natural-language processing and semantic association to automatically generate online ads based on what a web user has searched for. Essentially, the DataPop service works like this: DataPop gathers information on products, services, promotions and other relevant  data from customer web sites; it then automatically presents ads for those products, etc., when someone searches for something related on Google or Microsoft; the ads appear as if a human wrote them, not just a collection of keywords.” Read more

Digital Reasoning Raises Series B Funding for Big Data Analysis

Unstructured data leader Digital Reasoning today announced that “it has raised a Series B round with participation from In-Q-Tel, individual partners of Silver Lake, and other private investors. With this round, Digital Reasoning will add John Brennan to its board of directors. Brennan is a partner at Silver Lake Sumeru. The investment will be used to accelerate development and expand marketing and sales into new Financial Intelligence, Enterprise Risk Management, and related markets with Synthesys(R), the company’s flagship product that identifies, summarizes and reveals hidden relationships between people, places and events in big data. Currently, Synthesys is being used in government agencies to uncover security threats and enable intelligence analysts to find and act on critical relationships in big data while containing the costs of and dependence on human reading.” Read more

Networked Insights Raises $20M in Series B Funding

A new article reports, “Networked Insights has raised $20 million in Series B financing led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management. Networked Insights’ platform is designed to help companies use real-time data to optimize marketing. Networked Insights has offices in New York, Chicago and Madison, Wis.” Read more