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News from the First Open Economics International Workshop

Velichka Dimitrova of OKF recently gave a recap of the organization’s first Open Economics International Workshop. Dimitrova writes, “The first Open Economics International Workshop gathered 40 academic economists, data publishers and funders of economics research, researchers and practitioners to a two-day event at Emmanuel College in Cambridge, UK. The aim of the workshop was to build an understanding around the value of open data and open tools for the Economics profession and the obstacles to opening up information, as well as the role of greater openness of the academy. This event was organised by the Open Knowledge Foundation and the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law and was supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Audio and slides are available at the event’s webpage.” Read more

Enterprise Data at SemTechBiz DC

SemTechBiz, Washington DC - November 29 - December 1, 2011

The upcoming SemTechBiz DC will feature numerous sessions about current and future uses of Semantic Technology in Enterprise systems. The conference will take place November 29-December 1, 2011 at the Kellogg Conference Hotel. The highly anticipated Enterprise Data track will include presentations from Revelytix, Franz, Recognos, and Spry, among many others.

Featured Sessions:

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Highlights from the Semantic Web Media Summit

The Semantic Web Media Summit on September 14 in New York was a great success, a recent article reports. This review of the event covers several sessions including Michael Dunn’s keynote and Mike Petit’s “call to action.” According to the article, Petit noted that “(1) The Semantic Web and its associated technology have become tangible and effective tools for publishers, and (2) Social media have complicated the publishing model and have become indispensable.” Read more

Adding Value at SemTech’s Financial Track

The Cogito blog has been reporting some of the highlights at the Semantic Technology Conference this week. Recently the writers at Cogito shone the spotlight on several presentations from the financial track. The blogger writes, “The speech that was the most interesting to me was that of Wells Fargo’s David Newman. Newman argues that traditional information management systems are no longer sufficient to effectively manage the continuously growing flow of data. The reasons are varied, and include the fact that the increasing amount of information, without an intelligent filtering system, can lead to higher, unsustainable infrastructure costs.” Read more

Highly Anticipated Case Studies at SemTech 2011

The upcoming Semantic Technology Conference this June in San Francisco will feature a number of case studies that highlight real-world semantic technology applications. Here are just a few (Click session titles to view details):

Dynamic Semantic Publishing at the BBC

Details on how the BBC sport site currently uses embedded Linked Data identifiers, ontologies and associated inference plus RDF semantics to improve navigation, content re-use, re-purposing, and search engine rankings.

Enabling Business Users to Define Rules and Configure the Semantic Enterprise at Amdocs

How a team of developers using semantic technology and an expressive business language made a significant breakthrough to help business users create, extend and alter high level business concepts and create natural language rules. We recently had a webcast with Craig Hanson from Amdocs, the speaker on this session. Read more