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Amazon Fires Up Fire TV Featuring Voice Search And Content Viewing Prediction Capabilities

retAmazon today unveiled its Fire TV streaming video device. During the announcement event in Manhattan, company vice president Peter Larsen called the $99 set top box “tiny, incredibly powerful and unbelievably simple.” For users, that power and simplicity are designed to be evident in features such as the device’s ability to project and preload the content users will want to see and to navigate via voice search.

A statement by Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos reads that, “Our exclusive new ASAP (Advanced Streaming and Prediction) feature predicts the shows you’ll want to watch and gets them ready to stream instantly.” Movies or tv shows are buffered for playback before users hit the play button, the company says; those choices are made by analyzing users’ watch lists and recommendations. As users’ viewing habits change, the caching prediction algorithm will adjust accordingly, and personalization capabilities should get better over time as buyers use the Fire TV device.

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Jinni Launches Set-Top-Box for Personalized TV Experience

Jinni, a company that we have covered here, has released its first set-top-box for personalization of real-time television. The article states, “Introduced progressively by European IPTV operator (Belgacom), starting June 19th, this enables the subscribers to benefit from a complete cross-platform content consumption experience. Belgacom partnered with Jinni in September 2010 and took part in the startup’s second round of funding, in early 2011. The already available platforms include an online service, mobile app and Connected TV app, all powered by the Jinni engine. The Jinni cross-platform experience is part of Belgacom’s hard-hitting strategy, aimed at maintaining competitive advantage by offering a superior service to its customers.” Read more