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Could Galway Become Europe’s Silicon Valley?

NUI Galway recently discussed the possibility of Galway becoming the European equivalent of Silicon Valley. According to an article out of the university, “Brendan Smith, Community Education and Outreach Officer for the Digital Enterprise Research Institute at NUI Galway, was presented with the Science Person of the Year Award at the recent Galway Science and Technology Festival. He was given the award for delivering a range of pioneering science and technology learning initiatives to schools, colleges and to communities. Brendan Smith believes passionately that the city possesses many of the key ingredients needed to transform the region into a leading global hub for smart technologies’ innovation and development.” Read more

19 UK Web Companies are Crossing the Pond for Web Mission 2011

Web Mission 2011 is set for March 5-11. The international expedition is a chance for nineteen growing web technology companies from the UK to “take part in a trade mission to Silicon Valley.” Entrepreneurs from each company will have the opportunity to engage with top executives from major US web technology companies including Twitter.

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