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Is A Knowledge Graph-Related Acquisition In Yahoo’s Future?

sdtechIs SindiceTech about to be acquired by Yahoo? Just last month The Semantic Web Blog reported on the formal relaunch of the company’s activities following the finalization of its separation from its university incubation setting at the former DERI institute in Ireland. Now, according to the Sunday Independent, Yahoo – which the article says had originally planned on buying the company late last year but saw negotiations collapse – may resume talks on the matter.

Yahoo, the article says, “refused to comment on the Sindice-Tech deal, calling it as ‘rumour and speculation.’” SindiceTech CEO Giovanni Tummarello also says that he cannot comment on this. He did note, however, that media, search and advertising are prime sectors for employing Knowledge Graphs. “In scenarios where there is much more (semi-structured) information than one knows how to leverage right away, Big Data graph-like knowledge management and moving from search to relational and entity search is a common theme these days,” he wrote in an email to The Semantic Web Blog.

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Top Semantic Start-Up Competition Finalists Announced

[Editor’s Note: This article originally included an incorrect link. The correct link to view the 2013 “Top Semantic Start-Up Competition” is″.]

The finalists of the 2013 “Top Semantic Start-Up Competition” have been announced. This year’s finalists represent a broad spectrum of entrepreneurship within the world of semantic technology. The announcement states, “At the 2013 Semantic Technology & Business Conference, and WebMediaBrands will award one company the prize as ‘Top Semantic Technology Start-Up.’ At 12:30 pm Monday, June 3rd, companies will have the opportunity to compete on stage as they deliver their pitches before a panel of expert judges! The companies competing will have met the following conditions: (1) Have a demonstrable product (at least in ‘beta’ stage) in the SemTech and or SemWeb space, (2) Have received no more than a Series B round of financing.”

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SkyPhrase NLP Tech Helps Users Get More Out Of Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives web site owners good information about what’s clicking with visitors to their site, how those users got there, and more. But, attaining that insight can be somewhat laborious for those not well-versed in the tool and its interface, says Nick Cassimatis, associate professor in the Department of Cognitive Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He’s the founder of natural language processing technology startup SkyPhrase. His take: Apply SkyPhrase to the task, and things get a lot easier.

The startup in February began private beta testing of its NLP interface to Google Analytics. “Google Analytics lets you ask things like how many people from California visited the site last month, or which of your pages were most visited on mobile devices,” says Cassimatis. “Our system lets you ask these questions in natural language and get answers to them” more seamlessly than using Google Analytics alone.

Previous to bringing its NLP help to Google Analytics, SkyPhrase had a public site that let users run natural language searches of their Gmail or Twitter accounts, as well as flights and music.

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