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Technology Brief: Machine Learning on Natural Language Text and Log Data

Skytree - the machine learning company - LogoSkytree, “The Machine Learning Company,” has published a technology brief entitled, “Machine Learning on Natural Language Text and Log Data.”

The author of the brief is Nick Pendar, PhD, who serves as NLP Data Scientist for the company.

Pendar states, “Critical business information is often in the form of unstructured and semi-structured data that can be hard or impossible to interpret with legacy systems. In this brief, discover how you can use machine learning to analyze both unstructured text data and semi-structured log data, providing you with the insights needed to achieve your business goals.”

Download your free copy today from the DATAVERSITY website:

Download the Skytree technology brief today.

GraphLab Create Aims To Be The Complete Package For Data Scientists

glabData scientists can add another tool to their toolset today: GraphLab has launched GraphLab Create 1.0, which bundles up everything starting from tools for data cleaning and engineering through to state-of-the-art machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities.

Think of it, company execs say, as the single platform that data scientists or engineers can leverage to unleash their creativity in building new data products, enabling them to write code at scale on their own laptops. The driving concept behind the solution, they say, is to make large-scale machine learning and predictive analytics easy enough that companies won’t have to hire huge teams of data scientists and engineers and build the big hardware infrastructures that lie behind many of today’s Big Data-intensive products. And, the data scientists and engineers that do use it won’t need to be experts at machine-learning algorithms – just experienced enough to write Python code.

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Skytree Supports Big Data Analytics in Hadoop With Hortonworks Data Platform


SAN JOSE, CA–(Marketwired – Jun 3, 2014) - Skytree®, the Machine Learning Company®, today announced that its predictive analytics software is now available on Apache Hadoop YARN to deliver agile analytics on Hadoop clusters. Skytree’s flagship product — Skytree Server® — is built to provide high-performance Machine Learning and takes advantage of the multi-workload capabilities enabled by YARN’s increased reliability, scalability and manageability. Read more

Machine Learning’s Future: Fortune 500 Buys In, Manufacturing Sees The Light

STServerMartin Hack, CEO and co-founder of machine learning company Skytree, has a prediction to make: “In the next three to five years we will see a machine learning system in every Fortune 500 company.” In fact, he says, it’s already happening, and not just among the high-tech companies in that ranking but also among the “bread and butter” enterprises.

“They know they need advanced analytics to get ahead in the game or stay competitive,” Hack says. For that, he says, they need machine learning algorithms for analyzing their Big Data sets, and they need to be able to deploy them quickly and easily — even if those who will be doing the deployments are coming from at best a background of basic analytics and business intelligence.

“There just aren’t enough data scientists to go around,” he says. It’s very tough to fill those roles in most companies, he says, “so like it or not, we have to make it much, much easier for people to digest and use this.”

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Skytree Builds up Team to Bring Machine Learning Technology to New Markets


SAN JOSE, Calif. – Jan. 23, 2014  Today Skytree®, the Machine Learning Company®, announces the addition of industry veterans Burke Kaltenberger as vice president of worldwide sales and Jin H. Kim as vice president of marketing. Kaltenberger will support Skytree’s mission of making high-performance machine learning technology available to the masses, while Kim brings his experience in enterprise software product development to direct the company’s external outreach. Read more

Hadoop Highlights: YARN-Ready Apps And Machine Learning Magic

rsz_hadoopNext week Hadoop World takes place in New York City. The big event follows on the heels of the official gold release last week of Apache Hadoop 2.0, which significantly overhauls the MapReduce programming model for processing large data sets with a parallel, distributed algorithm on a cluster.

Sitting on top of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), YARN (Yet-Another-Resource-Negotiator) is meant to perform as a large-scale, distributed operating system for big data applications. Multiple apps can now run at the same time in Hadoop, with the global ResourceManager and NodeManager providing a generic system for managing the applications in a distributed way.

Among the YARN-ready applications is Apache Giraph, an iterative graph processing system built for high scalability – and the programming framework that helps Facebook with its Graph Search service of connections across friends, subscriptions, and so on, providing the means for it to express a wide range of graph algorithms in a simple way and scale them to massive datasets. Facebook explained in a post in August that it had modified and used Giraph to analyze a trillion edges, or connections between different entities, in under four minutes.

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Data Scientists Now Can Get A Second Opinion On Machine Learning Problems

rsz_opinion2pixEarlier this month The Semantic Web Blog provided a look at Skytree’s machine learning-as-a-platform approach (see story here). This week, the vendor launched in limited beta a program to help businesses partner up their data scientists and analytics professionals with its software and data scientists. It’s dubbed Second Opinion, and The Semantic Web Blog conducted an email interview with co-founder and CEO Martin Hack about the new effort.

Semantic Web Blog: Is this service available only to existing customers?

Hack: Skytree Second Opinion is for both existing and new customers, essentially everyone  interested in gaining firsthand experience with the power of machine learning, and how advanced analytics can give them greater insight into their data.

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Skytree Packages Up Machine Learning For Different Use Cases

What’s the advantage of looking at machine learning from the platform perspective? Breadth and depth, says Skytree co-founder and CEO Martin Hack. In contrast to a single point algorithm that learns about one thing really well for a particular need as it goes about analyzing more and more Big Data sets, Skytree takes the tack that there’s a whole universe of algorithms and methods that can be applied to support a variety of use cases.

The company is a startup, closing a Series A funding round this spring to the tune of $18 million. Skytree’s algorithms are available in different packages for application across industries, or even to fit different needs within the same industry or company. The six biggest machine learning use cases across industries, Hack says, are classification, regression, clustering, entity estimation, dimension reduction and multidimensional querying, and those six tasks, individually or in combination, provide the foundation for performing advanced analytics such as outlier detection or value prediction, among others, that are applicable to various scenarios. “Outlier detection could be used in trying to detect fraud or to find terrorists,” he says. “It’s virtually the same platform. The data changes and the output changes, but the computation part is the same.”

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Skytree Gains Funding for Big Data Machine Learning

Don Clark of the Wall Street Journal writes, “Big data has become one of tech’s biggest buzz phrases, despite varying definitions about what it really is. But the financial bets being placed are pretty substantial, with Skytree emerging as the latest example. The Silicon Valley startup on Tuesday is announcing it has raised $18 million in Series A funding, a fairly hefty amount these days for an early-stage software company with less than 20 employees. U.S. Venture Partners, a venerable name in the venture-capital world, led the round. Scott McNealy, the former chief executive of Sun Microsystems, is also participating.” Read more