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Cambridge Semantics and SPARQL City Forge Partnership to Offer Interactive Big Data Search

Cambridge SemanticsCAMBRIDGE, Mass. (PRWEB) December 10, 2014 — Cambridge Semantics, the leading provider of smart data solutions driven by Semantic Web technology, and SPARQL City, providers of a high performance scalable Hadoop-based graph database infrastructure, today announced a collaboration to jointly offer an integrated graph analytics solutions with semantic understanding to help enterprises get better understanding and value from big data.

Cambridge Semantics offers the award-winning Anzo Smart Data Platform (Anzo SDP), leveraged by customers and partners for building interactive Smart Data solutions that help enterprises rapidly discover, understand, combine, analyze, link and manage data from diverse sources, both from within and across organizational boundaries. SPARQL City’s Hadoop-based graph analytics engine provides a simple and powerful way for people to query semi-structured and structured data and find more nuanced relationships within and across these datasets in easy-to-grasp graphical representations. Read more

Cambridge Semantics Launches ‘Anzo Smart Data Integration’

Anzo Smart Data Integration (ASDI)

Extract,  Transform, and Load (ETL) and the business problem ETL solves — Data Integration — are complex to say the least. As the team at Cambridge Semantics points out:

Data integration and data on-boarding are time-consuming, manual, costly & error-prone processes.

  • Complex integrations require developing a large number of point-to-point source-target mappings.
  • Each mapping must be jointly developed by experts in all involved systems before being handed off to a team of ETL developers.
  • Each hand-off increases both the time it takes to complete the integration and also the risk of errors as requirements are misunderstood or not fully validated.
  • The lineage and meaning of data are often lost in the process, limiting the trustworthiness and utility of the data.


Cambridge Semantics today announced the launch of its Anzo Smart Data Integration (ASDI) software to help enterprises rapidly understand and integrate information assets. Described as a “design time tool for business analysts,” ASDI is “designed to reduce integration time frames and costs by 10X and enhance time-to-revenue when on-boarding new customers, partners and data,” according to the official announcement.

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Music Discovery Service Launches

screen shot of search: Lou ReedThis week marked the public launch of has tracked seevl’s development through various incarnations, including a YouTube plugin and as a service for users of Deezer (available as a Deezer app). This week’s development, however, sees the service emerge as a stand-alone, cross-browser, cross-platform, mobile-ready service; a service that is free and allows for unlimited search and discovery. So, what can one do with seevl?

Following the death of Lou Reed this week, I (not surprisingly) saw mentions of the artist skyrocket across my social networks. People were sharing memories and seeking information — album and song titles, lyrics, biographies, who influenced Reed, who Reed influenced, and a lot of people simply wanted to listen to Reed’s music.  A quick look at the listing for Lou Reed shows a wealth of information including a music player pre-populated with some of the artist’s greatest hits.

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Applying Smart Data from Smart Grids

Molly McCluskey of Fierce Smart Grid reports, “It’s not enough to collect data from smart grids. Utility executives must know how to use that data across a broad range of applications, especially as the technology, and the data it harnesses, becomes more advanced. That was the message of a keynote speech by Dr. Mladen Kezunovic, director of the Smart Grid Center at Texas A&M University, delivered at Euro Con 2013, hosted by IEEE and the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.” Read more

Big Data Is Big Focus At SemTechBiz

There will be a lot of Big Data talk at the upcoming SemTechBiz event in San Francisco.

The opening keynote, for example, will be given by Abhishek Gattani, senior director at Walmart in the WalmartLabs. In a conversation in advance of the event, Gattani told The Semantic Web Blog that he’ll be focusing on the idea that businesses should embrace the mindset of using external data – social and web data – to solve internal problems. “This is what happens when you run an enterprise – external factors influence your market,” he says, whether that’s a new product being launched or a lower-priced competitor coming into play or a natural disaster or economic event taking place. The data about those things exist outside your own company’s realm, but combining your information with that could lead to interesting prospects and extraordinary results.

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