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FirstRain Launches New API for Predictive Analytics in Enterprise Apps

First-RainJanet Wagner of Programmable Web reports, “FirstRain, a personal business analytics platform provider, has announced the launch of a FirstRain API that allows enterprise developers to incorporate FirstRain platform functionality into third-party applications and systems. The new FirstRain API provides programmatic access to real-time data from the proprietary FirstRain business graph, which the company says ‘extracts the deep, interconnected relationships between companies, businesses and markets’.” Read more

Big Data Challenges In Banking And Securities

Photo courtesy: Johan Hansson,

Photo courtesy: Johan Hansson,

A new report from the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC), Big Data Cases in Banking and Securities, looks to understand big data challenges specific to banking by studying 16 projects at 10 of the top global investment and retail banks.

According to the report, about half the cases involved e petabyte or more or data. That includes both natural language text and highly structured formats that themselves presented a great deal of variety (such as different departments using the same field for a different purpose or for the same purpose but using a different vocabulary) and therefore a challenge for integration in some cases. The analytic complexity of the workloads studied, the Intel-sponsored report notes, covered everything from basic transformations at the low end to machine learning at the high-end.

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What’s Up In Kalamazoo? Topsy Updates Geo-Inference Model To Boost Brands’ Location-Specific Insight

Real-time social analytics company Topsy has updated its geo-inference model so that brands can better track location-specific trends popping up among Twitter users. Its tool now can identify the origin of over 95 percent of tweets at the country level, 50 percent of tweets at the state level, 30 percent of tweets at the county level, and over 25 percent of tweets at the city level.

Less than two percent of tweets include latitude and longitude data, which is available when users opt in to share that location information with Twitter from their mobile devices, Topsy says. (That, by the way, appears to be an uptick from late last year, when Topsy noted that just 1 percent of tweets had geo-tagging enabled; see this article.) Topsy’s model leverages that data when available and adds location names from users’ profiles, tweet text, language, use of local websites and other signals to help infer location. Topsy analyzes over 450 million tweets every 24 hours, and geo-encodes each tweet in real time.

Machine learning is employed to automatically discover which signals are accurate predictors of location. “The key to enabling this machine learning is having a full history of Tweets easily accessible,” says Jamie de Guerre, SVP product and marketing. Topsy’s multi-year index of tweets enables us to draw correlations between signals in conversations and tweets that have location information to develop this powerful inference.”

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Netbreeze Acquired by Microsoft

In a move to improve their social analytics capabilities, Microsoft has acquired Netbreeze, a company we have highlighted in the past. Bob Stutz of Microsoft reports, “If you have a brand to protect, a product or a service to sell, then you cannot afford to overlook the wealth of information that is now available to you via social media… That’s why, fast on the heels of our MarketingPilot announcement, I am happy to share the news with you about another acquisition—this time in the social listening and analytics space.  When Microsoft considers an acquisition, we look for leading edge technology companies with innovative IP that aligns with our technology and can scale for the enterprise; this is what we were fortunate enough to find with Netbreeze.  A dynamic Swiss company started by some incredibly talented analytics scientists that we enthusiastically welcome to the Microsoft family.” Read more

Attensity Respond 6.0 Improves Multi-Channel Engagement

Attensity, the leading provider of enterprise social analytics and engagement applications, today announced the release of Attensity Respond 6.0, a new release of Attensity’s Respond application designed to address the specific challenges facing the next generation of multi-channel social customer contact centers and marketers in large corporate environments.

Respond 6.0 provides a unified customer listening post where customer requests in social media as well as in emails, and other channels are automatically -and intelligently- analyzed, classified and routed to appropriate departments for response. Read more

Adding Semantic Analysis to Social Analytics

A new article explores the potential of semantic analysis to find greater meaning in social analytics. According to the article, “A good many influence determination tools (e.g., Klout, LinkedIn’s InMaps social graph) look at influence in terms of interaction patterns between people and their individual social networks, or networks of friends and followers. These tools look at the dynamics of the interaction primarily rather than content.” Read more