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Introducing Semantic Startup Jetlore

Anthony Ha of Tech Crunch reports, “We cover a lot of startups using social data, but Eldar Sadikov, co-founder of a company called Jetlore, said whenever someone else wants to build a social app, they have to ‘reinvent the wheel again and again.’ That’s why Jetlore is launching a platform designed to power these kinds of services. Sadikov said he wants his platform to serve as ‘a layer that sits between social networks and consumer Internet companies.’ The company’s specialty is analyzing pieces of text and matching that text with different topics.” Read more

Creating Social Apps with Graph API

Facebook’s developer blog recently shared a useful example of how their Graph API can be used to create a sample app that “searches and presents an ordered list of the movies most liked amongst a user and her friends.” According to a related blog post, “At Facebook’s core is the social graph; people and the connections they have to everything they care about. The Graph API presents a simple, consistent view of the Facebook social graph, uniformly representing objects in the graph (e.g., people, photos, events, and pages) and the connections between them (e.g., friend relationships, shared content, and photo tags).” Read more

Exploring the Options for Social Content Aggregation

An article from ThreeMinds takes a look at the future of social content aggregation and discusses the approach that ThreeMinds has chosen to explore with their app, BroadFeed. The article states, “One way to view intelligent content is by how, as it moves from source to user, it becomes integrated into an application, correlated and aggregated with other content, augmented with richer information and metadata and then filtered for delivery. The smarter we can make each layer, the richer the experience and navigation we can provide to the user.” Read more