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Big Data Startup Infinite Analytics Maps Your Social Genome


Deepti Chaudhary of Forbes India recently wrote, “Founded in December 2012, Infinite Analytics is a cloud-based big data company that predicts consumer behaviour based on information shared by users on their social networking sites… Infinite Analytics analyses raw data, maps out a person’s social genome and then gives personalised recommendations to consumer brands that have an online presence. This information, which is collected without breaking privacy laws, allows a retailer to identify and recommend products that will appeal to a customer.” Read more

Wal-Mart: The Next Data Company?

Joe McKendrick recently reported on Wal-Mart’s growing influence, not as a retailer, but as a data business. McKendrick writes, “Already, the lines have blurred between traditionally non-information technology companies and IT companies to the point where you can’t tell the two apart. But what’s really of value is not the software that’s being produced and shared, it’s the data that’s being generated and analyzed. This represents the future of many businesses — again, traditionally non-IT businesses — as they seek competitive advantage in a hyper-competitive global marketplace.” Read more