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Introducing Chatterbox: Social Intelligence Through NLP, Machine Learning

Eileen Brown of ZDnet recently covered Chatterbox, a social intelligence startup that uses natural language processing across eight European languages as well as Mandarin and soon Arabic. She reports, “It searches and crunches through social data to get more business relevance in real time. Chatterbox is an enterprise solution that uses machine learning to provide deep relevant social intelligence to sales, service and marketing teams in large companies. Machine learning and natural language processing is built into the solution. Its sentiment analysis is built to directly target social data sets.” Read more

Jinni Launches “Watch Together” Social Recommendations

According to EContent Magazine, “Video content discovery solutions provider Jinni, announced the release of ‘Watch Together,’ an effective social discovery feature to recommend content that suits the tastes of more than one viewer. The feature is part of the latest Jinni discovery engine API, and is now available for implementation by the company’s global customers and technology partners.” Read more

Nokusa EI Partners with Firestring on Semantic Engine, Serendipity

IT Web recently reported, “Nokusa EI has established a partnership with Firestring – one of the most significant new information management tools to arrive in the enterprise space. ‘The system has huge potential in using the principals of social media for business,’ says Kotze. ‘What we do as humans is collaborate. While an organisation may exist in the sense of bricks and mortar, it’s the interaction of people that actually constitutes the work of the company. Firestring allows people in large organisations to interact instinctively and organically, and in addition, it brings information and people together through its semantic engine. The engine, Serendipity, automatically tags information on behalf of users, which means manual indexing to bring structure to information is no longer necessary’.” Read more

New Whitepaper: Semantic Technologies & Social Business Platforms

A new whitepaper is available for free via Refinder. The paper entitled Semantic Technologies Tap Unrealized Potentials of Social Business Platforms was written by Franz Jachim, Leo Sauermann and Bernhard Schandl. The abstract states, “Social technologies and collaboration tools start to find broad acceptance in the enterprise domain. As well, semantic technologies have been around for a while, offering a range of benefits in the handling of information, including the pervasive linking of content, fostering new forms of content discovery and navigation, and improving content metadata and information retrieval.” Read more

DARPA Calls for New Communication Technologies

A new article reports, “The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the DoD progenitors of revolutionary tech like passive radar and the Internet, is calling for research applications of social media to strategic communication. According to an agency announcement (PDF), DARPA is looking to shell out $42 million in funding for ‘innovative approaches that enable revolutionary advances in science, devices, or systems.’ The general goal of the Social Media in Strategic Communication (SMISC) program is to develop a new science of social networks built on an emerging technology base.” This push toward the innovative social technology is hardly new territory for DARPA – the agency has been at the forefront of the semantic web for years with initiatives like DAML, the US flagship R&D program in semantic web. Read more

Voxco Releases Next-Gen Social Media Monitoring with Acuity4

Voxco recently announced the release of its newest product: Acuity4, a next-generation social media monitoring and insights platform. According to the article, “This new product is aimed at the global enterprise market as well as market research agencies and public institutions worldwide. With Acuity4 Social, users capitalize on what the social web is saying about their company, products, brands and competitors; on any subject they find important to follow. By listening to their clients, investors, suppliers and the public, organizations are able to extract actionable intelligence to make decisions and plan their strategy. Ultimately, enterprises using Acuity4 Social unique analyzing capabilities improve their understanding of what is said on the web and thus can improve their business intelligence and capitalize on it.” Read more

Jive Software Unleashes Jive 5

Jive Software recently unveiled Jive 5, “the most advanced and powerful Social Business platform in the industry. With this launch, Jive sets a new standard of Social Business excellence, further extending its market leadership. Jive 5 helps organizations harness the power of their most powerful asset, the social network. Businesses are driven by ideas, conversations, expertise, knowledge and connections created in the networks of their employees, customers and partners. Jive 5 captures this knowledge into a collaborative, social platform that transforms the way people work.” Read more