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Meet The Metadata Governance Challenge

How’s your company’s metadata governance strategy? When it comes to the business planning and software development lifecycle, it’s likely it could be more solid, one company says.

“There are a ton of companies making a lot of money now providing raw storage as things like e-commerce, mobile, and cloud technologies generate big volumes of consumer and behavioral data,” says Henry Olson, director of product management at Embarcadero Technologies.  “But many organizations can’t make effective use out of it. There’s an obscurity problem that people can’t find stuff or know what to make of what they do find.”

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Semantic Web Jobs: Maestro Technologies & Navon Partners

Maestro Technologies is seeking a Research Engineer of Internet Technologies in Pittsburgh, PA. Responsibilities of the position include, “Identify new trends in internet technologies and evaluate their significance. Adapt and develop IT technologies to build up new internet enabled products and services. Work with business units to elicit application- and domain-specific requirements and trends as well as develop and transfer technical solutions. Actively participate in projects underway at US and international locations.” The position also requires expertise in two or more of the following: “Service oriented computing and middleware technologies, cloud computing platform and service deployment, semantic technologies, context aware computing, mobile computing for IoT, [and] data mining.” Read more