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Meet Spaun: The Future of Artificial Intelligence


Naomi Eterman of McGill Daily recently discussed a technology developed in 2012 by scientists at the University of Waterloo: “Spaun, short for Semantic Pointer Architecture Unified Network, is the largest computer simulation of a functioning brain to date. It is the brainchild of Chris Eliasmith, a professor in philosophy and systems design engineering at the University of Waterloo, who developed the system as a proof-of-principle supplement to his recent book: How to Build a Brain. The model is composed of 2.5 million simulated neurons and four different neurotransmitters that allow it to ‘think’ using the same kind of neural connections as the mammalian brain. Read more

SPAUN: Unlocking the Human Brain

Michael Harper of recently reported, “No matter how disturbing or even frightening as the thought may be, many scientists are working to unlock the mysteries of the human brain, create a model, and then place this model in a robot. Chris Eliasmith, a professor from Canada’s University of Waterloo, has been working to complete his own human model to think and perceive just as a human would. However, as explained in his recent paper, Spaun: A Perception-Cognition-Action Model Using Spiking Neurons, Eliasmith’s model is able to perceive and then act. Called Spaun, (for Semantic Pointer Architecture Unified Network) this model can take in information, such as numbers and shapes, remember the information, and then move an arm to draw out the numbers and shapes it’s seen.” Read more