Posts Tagged ‘Steve Newcomb’ Raises $25M to Help Users Make Apps with JavaScript

fam-300x234Kara Swisher reports on Recode, “, an unusual programming startup that allows users to make nifty mobile apps using JavaScript, has raised $25 million in additional funding and added high-profile investor Jerry Murdock to its board. The new round comes after two others — one for $1.1 million and another for $4 million. About $20 million of the new round is in exchange for equity, while $5 million is debt. Along with Murdock — whose investments via Insight Venture Partners have included Nest, Flipboard and Twitter — Samsung Ventures and Javelin Venture Partners are also participating, the company said. The San Francisco-based company is aimed at using JavaScript, the sometimes disrespected programming language, to create a product that is easy to use by a range of developers, even non-techies. To help promulgate that, also offers a free online ‘university’ where anyone can learn to program using its tools.” Read more

Steve Newcomb’s Raises $4M in Funding

Anthony Ha of TechCrunch reports that the latest venture from Powerset founder Steve Newcomb has raised $4 million in Series A funding. Ha writes, “, which offers a JavaScript framework that’s designed to power HTML5 apps that are faster and better-looking than what’s currently possible, has raised $4 million in Series A funding. The round was led by previous investor Javelin Venture Partners, with participation from ‘one or more’ hardware vendors (whose name or names aren’t being shared publicly). The company is led by Steve Newcomb, who previously co-founded Powerset, the semantic search startup acquired by Microsoft for $100 million. It actually launched at our Disrupt conference in San Francisco last fall. When I spoke to him about the funding, Newcomb admitted that his Disrupt presentation wasn’t exactly an overwhelming success, and that he faced some skepticism and confusing from the judges.” Read more