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6 Suggestions for Making Open Data Work in Government


Joel Gurin of InformationWeek recently asked, “Will 2014 finally become the year of open data? We’re certainly seeing evidence that open data is moving from the margins into the mainstream, with new uses for data that governments and other sources are making freely available to the public. But if we’re going to see open data’s promise fulfilled, it will be important for governments, and the federal government in particular, to make it easier for the public to access and use their open data.” Read more

Finding Better Movies with Nanocrowd

Rafe Needleman recently reviewed Nanocrowd, a movie recommendation engine that uses semantic analysis to provide users with optimal film suggestions. Needleman writes, “Rather than collect your viewing history and asking you to rank what you’ve seen (as Netflix and Tivo do), Nanocrowd lets you start with one movie and then it tries to tease out what it is about that film that you’re liking right now. Then it finds more like that.” Read more

Improving the DATA Act

A recent article offers some compelling suggestions for ways to improve the Digital Accountability and Transparency (DATA) Act. The article states, “The DATA bill provides that items reported include name and address of recipient but no requirement that corporate persons identify the beneficial owner nor any parent-subsidiary corporate relationships. This week the Securities and Exchange Commission proposed draft ‘know your counter party’ rules for complex financial transactions known as swaps as part of its new package of rules implementing the Dodd-Frank legislation. Read more