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Watson is Heading to Africa to Address Pressing Problems


BBC News reports, “The vast brainpower of IBM’s supercomputer Watson is to be utilised in Africa to attempt to solve some of the continent’s most pressing problems. Better agriculture, education and health are just three of the improvements the system could bring, said the firm. Watson uses artificial intelligence to analyse huge amounts of data and can also understand human language. Experts said such a system could help the African economy ‘leapfrog’ others. The project dubbed, Lucy, after the earliest known human ancestor fossil which was found in east Africa, will cost $100m (£61m) and take 10 years to complete.” Read more

When supercomputers meet the Semantic Web…

Cray. Despite everything that has happened over the years, from technological advances to organisational wobbles, bankruptcies and buy-outs, the name retains a certain cachet. They make super computers! Their computers come (came) with seats and bubbling coolant systems and everything! To someone growing up with early examples of rudimentary computing in the home, Cray was the stuff of Tomorrow’s World, Bond villains, and more. This was what real computers were all about.

Despite the growing power of ordinary computers, and the opportunities offered by parallelisation and the Cloud, those early memories of Cray superness were sufficient to pique my interest when a recent press release from semantic technology company Cambridge Semantics landed in my inbox. Digging a little further, it rapidly became apparent that Cambridge Semantics were not alone. Amongst eight ‘Solution Partners‘ listed for Cray’s XMT supercomputer, not one of them would look out of place presenting or exhibiting at a semantic technology event. For some reason, semantics appear to have replaced quirky styling, bubbling coolant and the circular seating of yesteryear. Read more