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Semantic Web Jobs: Tagged


Tagged is looking for a Big Data Engineer. According to the post, “Technology is at the point where ubiquitous devices mitigate the problem of physical distance between people.  In other words, the internet is part of our physical world and our physical world embraces the internet.  The round-trip of reality to digital bits and back means that all life is now data – it is all about the capture, extraction, augmentation, interpretation, transformation, composition, propagation and last but not least, the volume of data. The Data Engineer will be the most important software engineering position for decades to come.” Read more

Tagged Acquires NLP Company Topicmarks

Tagged has acquired Topicmarks in the hopes of improving its friend suggestions. Josh Constine reports, “Tagged’s mission is to help strangers meet each other online, so it has to offer friend suggestions of people you’ll like and who’ll like you back. That’s why it acquired Topicmarks, a natural language processing and machine learning company. Topicmarks will allow Tagged to analyze the profiles of its 100 million registered users and match them with others with similar interests and vocabulary. Topicmarks’ technology, CEO, CTO, and 3 senior engineers will join Tagged in exchange for cash and stock. Its existing service will remain active for the foreseeable future.” Read more