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Textalytics Takes Its Custom Solution To The Masses With Meaning As A Service Offering

Meaning as a service. That’s the idea behind Daedalus’ new offering, Textalytics.

The company’s history is in doing custom text analytics solutions for big customers, and the new service brings to a wider base its experience providing application-specific APIs to vertical requirements and industries.

It’s starting with offering as a hosted service packaged, high-level, multi-language semantic capabilities for social and traditional media analysis, as well as its Core API for providing horizontal services such as syntactic category keyword filtering, named entity recognition, and rule-based pattern application. A semantic publishing API is next on the vertical roadmap.

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MongoGraph One Ups MongoDB With Semantic Power

MongoDB has been gaining traction: 10gen, which began the MongoDB project and offers commercial MongoDB support services, said that for 2011 there was a 300 percent increase in Fortune 500 enterprise customers. The list included Disney, Viacom, HP and McKesson. The company also noted strong adoption in Europe including Telefonica and The National Archives. In all, 10gen reported that it ended 2011 with more than 400 commercial customers, with numerous large deployments scaling to 1,000 or more servers.

What makes MongoDB appealing to JavaScript programmers working with JSON objects at these and other organizations is its simplicity. If all that’s desired is to have an easy-to-use database where you can add or retrieve JSON objects – the main data type for Javascript developers – it remains an attractive option.

But Franz Inc. proposes an alternative for those who want more sophisticated functionality: Use the semantic power of its AllegroGraph Web 3.0 database to deal with complicated queries, via MongoGraph, a MongoDB API to AllegroGraph technology.

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The Semantic Web Game’s Afoot

Photo courtesy: Flickr/Katsuma

There’s more than one issue in getting organizational buy-in for semantic web technologies. In addition to convincing the business of the technical merits, it’s also important to address the social challenges. Speaking about the topic this week at the Semantic Tech and Business Conference in London is Dr. Elena Simperl, Assistant Professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology at the Institute AIFG.

“When IT people think of semantic technologies, when developers or researchers think about them, we think about how to do things in an automated way,” says Simperl. “But there are certain types of tasks where you can achieve only that much using automatic techniques.” That includes those having to do with modeling and structuring knowledge in a certain way, for instance, or describing the aboutness or content of pictures.

So, how about appealing to something that they probably like a lot more than simply being asked to, say, annotate some documents? How about coaxing them to do so by appealing to their sense of play and even their ego?

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