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Ten Grand Challenges of IT

Mike Bergman recently shared a list of the top ten challenges facing IT over the last ten years and the amazing strides that have been made in each area. Bergman states that in the last ten years, “a whole slew of Grand Challenges in computing hung out there: tantalizing yet not proven. These areas ranged from information extraction and natural language understanding to speech recognition and automated reasoning. But things have been changing fast, and with a subtle steadiness that has caused it to go largely unremarked. Sure, all of us have been aware of the huge changes on the Web and search engine ubiquity and social networking. But some of the fundamentally hard problems in computing have also gone through some remarkable (but largely unremarked) advances.” Read more

Ten Trends to Watch in Health Care and Life Sciences

John Halamka, a prominent CIO in the health care field has posted his “top ten trends to watch as we increasingly free data from transactional systems.” According to the article, “In a world filled with highly scalable web search engines,  increasingly capable natural language processing technologies, and practical examples of artificial intelligence/pattern recognition (think of IBM’s Jeopardy-savvy Watson as a sophisticated data mining tool), there are novel approaches to freeing the data that go beyond a single database with pre-defined hypercube rollups.” Read more