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Good-Bye 2013

Courtesy: Flickr/MadebyMark

Courtesy: Flickr/MadebyMark

As we prepare to greet the New Year, we take a look back at the year that was. Some of the leading voices in the semantic web/Linked Data/Web 3.0 and sentiment analytics space give us their thoughts on the highlights of 2013.

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Phil Archer, Data Activity Lead, W3C:

The completion and rapid adoption of the updated SPARQL specs, the use of Linked Data (LD) in life sciences, the adoption of LD by the European Commission, and governments in the UK, The Netherlands (NL) and more [stand out]. In other words, [we are seeing] the maturation and growing acknowledgement of the advantages of the technologies.

I contributed to a recent study into the use of Linked Data within governments. We spoke to various UK government departments as well as the UN FAO, the German National Library and more. The roadblocks and enablers section of the study (see here) is useful IMO.

Bottom line: Those organisations use LD because it suits them. It makes their own tasks easier, it allows them to fulfill their public tasks more effectively. They don’t do it to be cool, and they don’t do it to provide 5-Star Linked Data to others. They do it for hard headed and self-interested reasons.

Christine Connors, founder and information strategist, TriviumRLG:

What sticks out in my mind is the resource market: We’ve seen more “semantic technology” job postings, academic positions and M&A activity than I can remember in a long time. I think that this is a noteworthy trend if my assessment is accurate.

There’s also been a huge increase in the attentions of the librarian community, thanks to long-time work at the Library of Congress, from leading experts in that field and via

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Topsy Takes You Back To 2006 And Up To 426 Billion Tweets In Its Social Data Index

426 billion tweets, dating back to the very first one in 2006. The entire history of Twitter – as well as tools to analyze in real-time tweets’ influence, relevance, sentiment and geo-inference —  are to be contained in Topsy’s social data index as of 11 AM EST  today. It’s available to users both of its free social search service and its Topsy Pro Analytics offering. The feature, known as AllTweets, also is to be available in all of its API offerings that developers use to access information programmatically in order to make any application social.

“The key here is instantaneous validation of information,” says Jamie de Guerre, Topsy’s SVP product and marketing. “Our deep expertise and data infrastructure can provide instant insights across 425 billion tweets at scale like no other analytics provider can do.”

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What’s Up In Kalamazoo? Topsy Updates Geo-Inference Model To Boost Brands’ Location-Specific Insight

Real-time social analytics company Topsy has updated its geo-inference model so that brands can better track location-specific trends popping up among Twitter users. Its tool now can identify the origin of over 95 percent of tweets at the country level, 50 percent of tweets at the state level, 30 percent of tweets at the county level, and over 25 percent of tweets at the city level.

Less than two percent of tweets include latitude and longitude data, which is available when users opt in to share that location information with Twitter from their mobile devices, Topsy says. (That, by the way, appears to be an uptick from late last year, when Topsy noted that just 1 percent of tweets had geo-tagging enabled; see this article.) Topsy’s model leverages that data when available and adds location names from users’ profiles, tweet text, language, use of local websites and other signals to help infer location. Topsy analyzes over 450 million tweets every 24 hours, and geo-encodes each tweet in real time.

Machine learning is employed to automatically discover which signals are accurate predictors of location. “The key to enabling this machine learning is having a full history of Tweets easily accessible,” says Jamie de Guerre, SVP product and marketing. Topsy’s multi-year index of tweets enables us to draw correlations between signals in conversations and tweets that have location information to develop this powerful inference.”

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New Topsy Engagement Features Turn Social Insights into Business Impact with One Click

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – May 7, 2013) - Topsy, the real-time social analytics company, today announced that users can now act immediately on insights they uncover in their analysis by engaging directly with their audience through Topsy Pro.

Topsy Pro already gives users the best way to spot trends, track sentiment, and identify key influencers relevant to their business; Topsy’s new functionality allows users to also reply, retweet or favorite key Tweets surfaced in an analysis. Topsy Pro customers can use these features to react in seconds to emerging PR crises, find and promote the most viral content, identify and engage with local customers and generally be one click away from taking action the minute they see an opportunity. Read more

Staying in the Loop with Topsy

A new article out of the company states that “Topsy, the real-time social analytics company, today introduced ‘Topsy Alerts’ and ‘Topsy Reports’, two powerful new alerting tools in Topsy Pro Analytics that instantly analyze billions of social conversations and deliver timely updates and early warning on relevant topics, breaking news and emerging trends via email or live dashboards. With ‘Topsy Alerts,’ users can receive immediate notification of a change in activity, sentiment or acceleration in any topic before it starts trending. For example, a news organization might identify breaking news by setting up alerts to track for accelerating conversations around key topics. A brand might get early warning on a major product issue by setting up an alert to detect a large drop in brand sentiment. Topsy automatically recommends appropriate alert thresholds to use based on historical data, such as the usual number of mentions for the terms you’re looking at.” Read more

Oscar Picks With The Help of Semantic and Sentiment Analytics Technology

Sunday night’s the big stroll down the red carpet for Hollywood’s elite — for the 85th time. But no need to wait until then to have some fun with old Oscar.

Some services with semantics and sentiment analytics in their genes have already begun. Here are a few examples:

Jinni, the semantic movie and TV Taste engine, has created a detail-filled graphic, based on analysis and cross-referencing it did according to its own Jinni Entertainment Genome (see its blog post here for a look at the entire graphic and more info on its creation):

























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Election 2012: The Semantic Recap

There’s no such thing as too much post-election coverage, is there? Alright, maybe there is. But we couldn’t let things die down without at least a nod to those in our space that have delivered the semantic industry’s own take on the topic.

Here are a few you may want to review:

Twitris Election Insights:

“The Twitris system had an amazing night–while Nate Silver’s model might have received well deserved attention, Twitris gave better indications and insights and large majority of the polls,” wrote Dr. Amit Sheth, Kno.e.sis Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-enabled Computing director and LexisNexis Ohio Eminent Scholar, in an email to us. The semantic social web application (first covered here) is a project of Kno.e.sis at Wright State University.

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Topsy Launches New Features for Pro Analytics

Topsy recently announced a set of new features for the company’s analytics tool, Topsy Pro Analytics: “These updates — Alerts and enhanced Geo-inference — allow any user to better stay on top of both what’s happening and where it happens. This type of insight could be applied to find headline news stories before they actually break, to figure out where stories are trending, or to better understand localized discussion around a brand. In this post, we’ll run through an example using chatter around a recently-funded startup company, RapGenius, to demonstrate Topsy Pro’s new features.” Read more

Topsy Pro Analytics Takes Tweet Analysis To New And Disruptive Pricing Level

Real-time social analytics platform Topsy, which earlier this month debuted Twindex to provide insight into Twitterati sentiment on the presidential candidates, today unveils Topsy Pro Analytics. It delivers in-depth metrics based on the Twitter firehose via API to the general public. Previously, the company had API access for some metrics in a machine-to-machine interface, but nothing near the full interactivity nor access to all the measurements that are propagated into the new user interface.

Topsy’s technology was created to ingest huge amounts of authored content, with Twitter as its primary data source — all 400 million tweets a day, with an index that goes back multiple years. Topsy also does a full public scrape of Google Plus and indexes that data. It offers its own sentiment classification and dictionary scheme tuned for tweets, takes every link published in tweets and unpacks them to their native states to produce measurements around them, provides a geoinference model to see where people are communicating from (to the country level today but soon to city and state level), and also can deliver an influence and author graph.

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Twitter Provides More Information on API Direction — But Is It Enough?

Last week we reported here on the progress that Nova Spivack’s #OccupyTwitter petition was making in terms of attracting signatures, and on the petition’s request that Twitter clarify just what its intentions for the developer community are around its API. Many semantic and sentiment analysis applications, of course, depend heavily on the Twitter API.

Well, the end of last week saw a blog post from Michael Sippey of Twitter that provided some more information on the API issue. He wrote:

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