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Sépage Puts Its Full Faith in Semantic Technologies

sepageWe recently highlighted French startup Sépage’s efforts to use semantic technologies to revolutionize travel websites. Tnooz has taken a more comprehensive look at what this company is hoping to achieve: “Milan Stankovic was frustrated that the semantic web was failing to break free from academia. Disparaging remarks from a Google director about the potential of the semantic web in the mainstream prompted him to take the plunge and found Sépage. The idea is to use semantic technology to take personalization, inspiration and recommendations to the next level. With a SaaS business model, using proprietary and patented technology, its core product GlobeAdvent came to market within 18 months of the business’ launch. Enhancements and new products are in the pipeline.” Read more

Semantic Tech’s Role in Travel in 2024


Amy Plitt of the Daily Traveler reports, “Travel-booking website Skyscanner partnered with 56 experts, including researchers from Google and Microsoft, as well as UK consulting firm The Future Laboratory, to determine what the future of travel might look like. The company released its findings this week, and unsurprisingly, emerging technology will make traveling both easier and more intuitive. The first part of the report focuses on planning and booking trips. According to the experts surveyed, one of the biggest changes will be the development of ‘Digital Travel Buddies,’ virtual companions that will guide you through every step of the process and help you once you’re on your trip. (Think Apple’s Siri, but way better at knowing what you want before you want it.) Read more

Bringing ‘Semantic Offers’ to Travel

Valyn Perini has written a new article on Tnooz, commenting, “Larry Smith of Thematix has previously written several excellent posts in Tnooz about semantic technologies in the travel industry. In particular, their potential to create truly personalized offers by adding distinct value to travel offers based on customer data. At OpenTravel, we’re turning the abstract into the concrete by building a semantic ontology for the car rental industry, including thinking through what it takes to actually plan for a semantically enhanced booking experience, what we call semantic offers.” Read more

Improving Travel Search with Semantic Technology

Linda Fox recently introduced FACT-Finder’s new system, FACT-Finder Travel. According to Fox, “The tool is a semantic search system targeting online travel agents which allows consumers to enter free text during search queries, including spelling mistakes, slang and abbreviations. The company hopes the improved usability will help switch online travel agencies to its solution. The system interprets what users are looking for and populates search criteria boxes with the correct information.” Read more

Preventing Travel Review Fraud with Semantics

A recent article reports, “As publishers, consumers and law enforcement get more sophisticated, so will the bad guys. It is doubtful fake reviews can ever be fully eradicated. The problem is that even amateur FROs realize that encouraging positive review posts about an establishment only goes so far… Those electing to go negative on competitors can be problematic.” Read more

The Semantic Web and Your Next Vacation

A new article discusses how semantic technologies can and are changing the face of the online travel industry. The article states, “Shopping the experience means using customer benefits, words, and concepts to wrap the travel product in advance – to anticipate customer needs. It means creating an entry point or sidebar to create anticipation, set expectations, convey satisfaction cues and engage before the buying process. We have new tools and techniques with semantics and the semantic web. This is where customer benefits and concepts can be delivered with marketing (selling), and technology (presentation) in a new and cost efficient way.” Read more