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Vacation Time: More Summer Fun With Semantic Tech

volcpixEarlier this week we took a look at how semantic technology can play into your summer outdoor living plans. Today, we’ll spend a little time looking into how semtech-based solutions could factor into your summer vacation plans.

Perhaps the latest advancement on that front was the work we reported on last week from Sabre, which launched a new developer portal to with APIs based around semantic algorithms that should lead to more personalized travel search services. But while we’re waiting for developers to glom on, there are some other fun ways to explore your holiday options, some of which you might not immediately think of as particularly germaine to the task.

Take, for example, semantic web site creation platform Silk. There are a universe of Silks that have been built that might whet your appetite for a more radical vacation than perhaps you were originally thinking of – or at least better prepare you for an adventure vacation you have in mind. There’s The Volcanoes Catalogue, for instance, with collections of information on all 1,551 known volcanoes. Using data from the Smithsonian Institution and the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, it plots the 50 highest volcanoes; categorizes them by type; and clues you into which are the most active; which have the highest volcano explosivity index (VEI), which rates eruptions based on the volume of product exploded and the cloud height; and which have caused the most casualties, among other features – all information that might be useful in matching your tolerance for risk and danger against your desire to experience steaming craters, hot lava and active eruptions up close.

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TravelShark Brings New Concept to Travel Search

Nick Vivion of Tnooz reports, “The company formerly known as Swiftrank comes back with a new name and entirely new concept. The company changed its name to TravelShark in 2011, and followed a $5 million investment back in 2011 with a period of relative quiet. The company now no longer focuses on connecting hotels to travelers – it is on an ambitious mission to redefine reviews. Moving away from the arbitrary nature of the 5-star system, TravelShark distills a place into its most commonly referenced qualities. Called its ‘Essence,’ this is a wordgraph that highlights words most often used to describe a particular place. The genius here is that words are much more qualitative than stars. They deliver a much more comprehensive and descriptive view of a particular place. The star rating system has its limitations, as it is not an objective measurement of a place.” Read more