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FindMyCarrots, the Semantic Search Engine for Online Travel, Partners with TrustYou


4 March 2014 — FindMyCarrots (FmC) has partnered with TrustYou to provide semantic analysis for hotel queries in India. With TrustYou’s robust database and advanced semantic analysis of millions of reviews, including categories like hotel type, bed size, bathroom cleanliness, food, bar, location, amenities, and more, users can now search and filter hotels based on specific criterion. For example, a user could search for “family friendly hotels in Mumbai with delicious seafood and clean bathrooms.”


“Using TrustYou’s structured data, travelers enjoy a more personalized experience during the search- shop-buy process because they have the ability to drill down to the most relevant results in the least amount of time,” said Alan Young, SVP Strategic Partnerships at TrustYou. Read more

So Long Traditional Travel Reviews, Hello Meta-Reviews


Tnooz recently interviewed TrustYou CEO Benjamin Jost about the future of travel search. Jost discussed meta-reviews, “a summary of a hotel’s reputation derived from semantic analysis of reviews across the world. Jost elaborates, “Meta-Reviews are a trusted summary of relevant reviews worldwide, showing the most talked about and most relevant attributes of a particular hotel, along with some special, important-to-know ‘nuggets’ of information that are unique to the particular hotel. Different signals are taking into account; for example, the most recent content carries a higher weight. We also start to experiment with different weighting for verified reviews versus unverified ones. Bottom line, think of Meta-Reviews as the Cliff’s Notes for thousands and thousands of reviews; they give travelers the best possible summary of all reviews for faster, more informed booking decisions.” Read more

Travelers Now Read Hotel Reviews in a Revolutionary New Way: Meta-Reviews Summarize Everything Said About Hotels


NEW YORK and MUNICH, February 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –Since launching in late 2013, TrustYou has integrated its Meta-Review solutions and TrustScore into a large number of OTAs, Metasearch sites, GDSs and Destination Marketing Organizations. The Meta-Review is a text summary derived from a semantic analysis of all reviews worldwide. The TrustScore represents the overall reputation score for a particular hotel based on all reviews, with newer written reviews carrying more weight than older ones. Read more

The Next Generation of Travel Search

Benjamin Jost, CEO of TrustYou recently wrote on WebInTravel, “We are swimming in an ocean of online reviews. However, when you look at individual sites, whether it be Travelocity, Orbitz or the like, you have more of a lake of reviews, a much smaller pool. There’s a lack of content. Then you go to the larger sites, like TripAdvisor or, where the content is more robust, but who has time to read it all?… That’s when a context problem arises; there just aren’t enough hours in the day to sort through it all or a good way to filter it. I want the pros and cons of a hotel based on travelers’ past experiences.  And I would venture to bet I am not alone.” Read more

TrustYou Expands Into Restaurant Space

Dallas, USA and Munich, Germany – August 15, 2013 –TrustYou, an online reputation management (ORM) market leader specializing in the hospitality industry, has expanded into the restaurant space.  Bringing its 360-degree solution to aggregating and analyzing increasingly important online reviews and social media content to the culinary world, TrustYou’s holistic approach delivers superior semantic analysis and a proven track record of increasing reviews, distributing content across multiple platforms and, ultimately, driving revenue.  Read more

TrustYou & RezNext Partner to Deliver 360-Degree Approach to Online Reputation Management

Munich, Germany — TrustYou, an online reputation management (ORM) market leader specializing in the hospitality industry, has partnered with real-time online distribution and travel technology company RezNext to provide hotels in Asia, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa an integrated, 360-degree solution for aggregating and analyzing online reviews and social media content. TrustYou’s Reputation Machine offers RezNext customers a holistic approach to deliver superior semantic analysis in tandem with increasing reviews, distributing content across multiple platforms and ultimately driving revenue. Read more

Hotels Can Leverage Guest Survey Sentiment To Boost Their Appeal

Is it time to disrupt the hospitality survey services industry? TrustYou thinks so. Today it’s launching its ReviewAnalyst Survey, a free guest satisfaction tool that hotels and hotel chains can use to integrate information from visitor surveys with information in social media reviews, and potentially bolster their reputation among consumers as a result.

TrustYou already monitors social sentiment across the web in online reviews, posts, and comments for the hotel, travel, and restaurant sectors.“Our key advantage is that we are the only ones in the space, I think, who tackled the key fundamentals of how can we scale this in as many languages as we want to,” says CEO Ben Jost. “That’s very interesting for the hospitality industry, because it’s very international. We currently have 12 languages and today, if we have enough content, we can add a new language each day if we want to.

And we can learn the key concepts for a new vertical every three to four weeks.”

Read more

Semantic Startup TrustYou Raises $5M

Munich-based semantic startup TrustYou has raised $5 million in Series A funding “to fuel its growth in the United States. The company has not wasted any time spending its new cash: TrustYou has already put a significant portion of the funding round toward acquiring ReviewAnalyst, its Dallas-based competitor, in a deal to be announced on Tuesday. The Series A round was led by Credit Agricole Private Equity.” Read more