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LODLAM Training Day at Semantic Technology & Business Conference

LODLAM: LinkedOpen Data in Libraries, Archives, and MuseumsAmong the many exciting activities at the 10th Annual Semantic Technology & Business Conference (#SemTechBiz) is the partnership with the Linked Open Data in Libraries Archives, and Museums (LODLAM) Community. On Tuesday, August 19, 2014, LODLAM will hold a full day of trainings at the SemTechBiz Conference in San Jose, California.  Registration information is available here.

We spoke to Jon Voss, Co-Founder of the International LODLAM Summit, about the Training Day: What is the LODLAM Training Day?

Photo of Jon VossJon Voss: The LODLAM Training Day is an all-day, hands-on workshop led by practitioners of Linked Open Data in libraries, archives and museums from around the world.

SW: What can people expect to learn?

JV: We’ve broken the day down into two sections, basically: publishing data and reusing data.  The first part of the day we’ll look at ways that libraries, archives and museums are putting massive amounts of structured data online for the public good, and what techniques and tools you can use to do it.  The second part of the day we’ll be looking at using this data in different ways, how to use SPARQL queries, how to build data into other mashups, how to use open datasets to improve your own data, etc.
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CFP Deadline EXTENDED for 2014 Semantic Technology & Business Conference

This will be the only #SemTechBiz Conference in 2014, so don’t miss out!

site-header-10th-blog-304x200 It’s not too late to make a speaking proposal for the 2014 Semantic Technology & Business Conference, but it soon will be! The original deadline was today (Friday), but due to a large volume of extension requests, the Call For Presentations deadline is now extended until…

Monday, March 17, 2014 at 11:59pm ET.


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Session Spotlight: Building Enterprise Semantic Applications

This June’s SemTechBiz Conference in San Francisco will bring something new to the table: a full-day tutorial on Building Enterprise Semantic Applications. This highly anticipated tutorial will happen on Sunday, June 2, and it is already filling up quickly. Seating is limited, so be sure to register today in order to reserve your spot.

Photo of tutorial presentersThe tutorial will be taught by Hector M. Perez-Urbina, Senior Research Scientist at Clark & Parsia; Brian Sletten, President at Bosatsu Consulting; and Edgar H. Rodriguez-Diaz, Software Engineer at Clark & Parsia. Read more

Step-by-Step: Putting WorldCat Data Into Triple Stores

Richard Wallis has followed up his recent announcement that WorldCat data can now be downloaded as RDF triples with an explanation of how to put that data into a triple store. He begins: “Step 1: Choose a triplestore.  I followed my own advise and chose 4Store.  The main reasons for this choice were that it is open source yet comes from an environment where it was the base platform for a successful commercial business, so it should work.  Also in my years rattling around the semantic web world, 4Store has always been one of those tools that seemed to be on everyone’s recommendation list.” Read more

Presentation: SPARQL, Queries, & Linked Data

A new presentation from the ICWE Conference is available online. The presentation is titled An Introduction to SPARQL and Queries over Linked Data: “Nowadays, more and more datasets are published on the Web adhering to the Linked Data principles. The availability of this data, including the existence of data-level connections between datasets, presents exciting opportunities for the next generation of Web-based applications. As a consequence, consuming Linked Data is a highly relevant topic in the context of Web engineering. Our introductory tutorial aims to provide participants with an understanding of one of the basic aspects of Linked Data consumption, that is, querying Linked Data.” Read more