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On® Entertainment Metadata from TMS Provides Viewing Data for Jinni’s ‘My TV & Movie Guide’ App


CHICAGO, Dec. 4, 2013  /PRNewswire/ – TMS, the international leader in entertainment navigation, and Jinni, the first and only taste-and-mood based semantic discovery engine for video, have announced that Jinni is using TMS’ world-class On®Entertainment metadata to provide availability information for linear TV and OTT content on its new ‘My TV & Movie Guide’ iPad app and web service. As a result, once consumers find something great to watch using Jinni’s taste and mood based recommendation engine, they can easily find when and where to watch it. Jinni’s superior recommendations are seamlessly integrated into the viewing experience and deliver the most personalized and relevant TV and movie options to end users. Read more

Twitter Acquires Bluefin Labs

Rebecca Burn-Callander of Management Today reports that Twitter has acquired Bluefin Labs for $70 million. She writes, “Twitter and TV, a match made in heaven. In fact, the social network has even released its own report entitled ‘Tune in with Twitter’, all about the burgeoning love affair between the small screen and its new ‘second screen’.  ‘The relationship between Twitter and television is strongly symbiotic,’ it says. ‘Users love talking about what is happening on TV, TV viewers love using Twitter to see other viewers‘ opinions.’ And you just have to look at the volumes of tweets generated by the Superbowl on Sunday, and the amount of 140-character dialogue dedicated to each new episode of The Undateables or Girls or My Mad Fat Diary to confirm the theory.” Read more

The Future of Semantics and TV

NoTube, a European research project exploring semantic web and television, recently noted that, “The W3C has now issued a summary of the 2nd workshop on Web and TV, which took place this February in Berlin. NoTube was present at this event and project representatives Libby Miller and Dan Brickley pushed for the use of semantic technology, especially Linked Data, in the TV space as well as for the provision of shared APIs for interacting with the TV playout device.” Read more