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Lexalytics’ Semantria Accommodates Text Analytics Abroad

lexsemInternational expansion has been a focus for cloud-based text and sentiment analytics vendor Semantria since its acquisition by text mining vendor Lexalytics over the summer. This week, that’s being addressed by adding enterprise text analytics servers in Europe, to address compliance with EU privacy laws around the location of personal data, as well as making its services available in Arabic, Russian, Japanese and Malay.

Lexalytics’ Semantria SaaS and Excel text-mining platform has a few clients in Europe so far, including among them several large social media monitoring and voice-of-the-customer clients that it’s signed up in the last quarter, according to Seth Redmore, VP Product & Marketing Lexalytics.  eDigitalResearch in the UK is one of them. English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian are already among its supported languages, and Dutch should be next on board.

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TipTop Provides Semantic Data Analysis To SMBs, Enhances Consumer Offerings Too

TipTop Technologies has just debuted two self-serve semantic data analytics services for small and medium-size businesses, to join its custom-service solutions directed at helping larger enterprises in the finance, marketing and publishing verticals engage in activities such as semantically classifying and categorizing unstructured information on the web, and track and influence company, product and topic buzz.

The two new solutions are Web Page Analyzer and Tweet Analyzer. “The notion here is that we want to make TipTop available very broadly, for deeper data analysis, and for anyone to leverage,” says Shyam Kapur, president and CEO of TipTop.

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What’s Up In Kalamazoo? Topsy Updates Geo-Inference Model To Boost Brands’ Location-Specific Insight

Real-time social analytics company Topsy has updated its geo-inference model so that brands can better track location-specific trends popping up among Twitter users. Its tool now can identify the origin of over 95 percent of tweets at the country level, 50 percent of tweets at the state level, 30 percent of tweets at the county level, and over 25 percent of tweets at the city level.

Less than two percent of tweets include latitude and longitude data, which is available when users opt in to share that location information with Twitter from their mobile devices, Topsy says. (That, by the way, appears to be an uptick from late last year, when Topsy noted that just 1 percent of tweets had geo-tagging enabled; see this article.) Topsy’s model leverages that data when available and adds location names from users’ profiles, tweet text, language, use of local websites and other signals to help infer location. Topsy analyzes over 450 million tweets every 24 hours, and geo-encodes each tweet in real time.

Machine learning is employed to automatically discover which signals are accurate predictors of location. “The key to enabling this machine learning is having a full history of Tweets easily accessible,” says Jamie de Guerre, SVP product and marketing. Topsy’s multi-year index of tweets enables us to draw correlations between signals in conversations and tweets that have location information to develop this powerful inference.”

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Tracking Reactions to the Pope’s First Tweet

According to an article out of the company, “Expert System, the semantic technology company, conducted a semantic analysis to understand the reaction of Twitter users after the activation of @pontifex, and the response to the first tweets by Pope Benedict XVI on December 12. Using the Cogito semantic software, Expert System analyzed a sample of more than 20,000 tweets to the Pope’s Twitter accounts and hashtags related to #askpontifex. The tweets were classified in the predominant categories of religion; art, culture and entertainment; economy and finance; and crime. Among the most relevant topics were people (Pope, Jesus and God), places (Vatican, Africa, Rome and Italy), verbs (do, can, tell, know, must, pay) and nouns (church, gold, question, child, Christmas, truth and Sunday).” Read more

@GuardianTagBot is Here to Answer Your Questions

A new article reports, “the Guardian announced the birth of @GuardianTagBot, the living, tweeting, occasionally sleeping Twitter account that serves as the public face of the Guardian’s content API explorer. Tweet @GuardianTagBot with a search term — or a whole group of search terms — and it’ll @-reply you with a link to Guardian content that matches your query. Whether you’re looking for Nieman Lab mentions in the Guardian (who isn’t?), or wondering what Nick Clegg is up today (ditto), or concerned that David Cameron may be a lizard (um)…the bot probably has your answer.” Read more