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Semantic Technology Jobs: IBM


IBM is looking for a Watson Algorithm Developer anywhere in the United States. According to the post, “IBM Watson is ushering in the next phase of Cognitive Computing and in doing so is tackling some of humanity’s most challenging problems – e.g. revolutionizing how doctors research cancer or transforming how businesses engage with their customers. We have an exciting opportunity for software engineers and algorithm developers to join our driven, highly visible Watson North American development organization.  The Watson team is responsible for building and extending the Watson technology into new market segments for our clients. You will join the team of research and development professionals who are applying this exciting, ground-breaking natural language processing and machine learning technology to some of the most complex and demanding challenges of today.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Perficient


Perficient is looking for a Big Data Solution Architect in the United States. According to the post, “Perficient is looking for Solution Architecture Consultants who are passionate about data and can lead the building of next generation Big Data and predictive analytic applications. You will be working with Perficient business units and technology partners to understand client business objectives and drive solutions that efficiently meet the needs of the business. You will be responsible for guiding the full lifecycle of delivery of information management systems, identifying, quantifying, and winning Perficient consulting opportunities, and providing industry thought-leadership; all while building one of the industry’s leading-edge consulting practices.” Read more

Be Informed Launches Semantic Business Solutions in North America

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Be Informed, the global market leader in semantic business solutions, announced today that it is expanding operations to the United States and Canada, providing public and private sector enterprises a fast, agile and cost-effective springboard to transform their core business processes, respond rapidly to market and regulatory changes, and execute strategic innovations.

“Public and private sector organizations are burdened with complex processes that are resource-intensive to build, costly to maintain and difficult to change,” said Dan Latham, CEO of Be Informed North America. “But what if you were no longer stymied by IT backlogs, project failures and poor ROI? What if far less of your budget was tied up with maintenance and more of it free for new development? Be Informed enables business executives to execute agile business performance. With Be Informed you can not only deploy solutions quickly and economically, you also gain the power to react immediately to new requirements, transform core processes incrementally with lower risk, and evolve new capabilities as changes accelerate.” Read more

United Nations Trying to Control the Internet?

Larry Downes of Forbes reports that the UN is trying to claim some authority over the internet. He writes, “Yet another anachronistic regulator is trying to flex its muscles over the Internet.  But this time the U.S. government is actually the one trying to stop them. That’s right.  It’s the United Nations.  Specifically, the International Telecommunications Union, a 150 year-old bureaucracy that started life establishing telegraph standards.  The ITU has since mutated into coordinating international telephone interconnection and radio spectrum, and became part of the U.N. in 1947.  But it has never had a meaningful role in dealing with the Internet. At least until now.” Read more

US & India Partner in Push toward Open Government Platform

Steven VanRoekel and Aneesh Chopra recently shared some exciting news about the growing reach of open government initiatives. They wrote, “Last week, President Obama’s unprecedented efforts to advance open and transparent Government reached an important milestone. As part of a joint effort by the United States and India to build an open government platform, the U.S. team has deposited open source code– an important benchmark in developing the Open Government Platform that will enable governments around the world to stand up their own open government data sites.” Read more

Get Your “Cloud Management Automation” Starter Package Today! – (press release)

Get Your “Cloud Management Automation” Starter Package Today! (press release)
Based on its innovative semantic technologies and in-memory database allowing enterprises to leverage the entire IT stack and implement an up to 100%

Pool Corporation Implements Exalead CloudView to Improve Customer Experience – (press release)

Pool Corporation Implements Exalead CloudView to Improve Customer Experience (press release)
Today, Exalead is reshaping the digital content landscape with its platform, Exalead CloudViewâ„¢, which uses advanced semantic technologies to bring

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Semantifi Debuts First Search App Marketplace for the ‘Deep Web’

Startup Reveals the 'Invisible Web' with Semantic Search Apps that Tap the Power of Community

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ — DEMOfall 2010 Semantifi, Inc., a pioneer in Web Data Search, today publicly launched, a Search App Marketplace that empowers internet users to publish and search structured data. The Semantifi portal enables users to access the 'Deep Web,' which accounts for 99 percent of the information on the internet – but inaccessible to Google and Bing's general purpose keyword search engines.

"The technology of leading search engines works fine for web pages, but not for structured data," said Shree Pragada, founder and CEO of Semantifi, Inc. "This is why using a keyword search engine to find 'digital cameras under $400' or 'earmarks of California Senators' or 'analyst ratings on Microsoft' produces thousands of search results, but does not deliver an appropriate answer." hosts over 50 Search Apps which are focused search engines specific to datasets. Apps include SEC filings, Government Spending, U.S. Economic Metrics, U.S. Census data, Senator Earmarks, Crunchbase and more. Users can ask simple questions, get knowledge based search results and interpret the data with automatically generated visuals – such as charts, graphs, maps and tables.

"Semantifi's Search Apps create the ability to analyze data in new and creative ways," said Bryant Sheehy, Director of Business Development, Zacks Investment Research, Inc. "This new approach to searching and visualizing data has the potential to show investors subtle differences in underlying trends that they can use to make more profitable investments in this volatile trading market."

Unlike keyword or natural language search engines, Semantifi is powered by a patented knowledge base search engine that understands the meaning of words regardless of language structure. This unique technology is hosted at to empower the internet community to search, share and monetize data via the first Search App Marketplace.

Similar to the Wikipedia community model, anyone can use Semantifi to publish and search datasets. Publishers include businesses, government agencies, research firms, content owners and individuals. Apps can be of personal interest, high public appeal or have revenue potential. Semantifi Search Apps can be shared publicly with all for free or only with paid subscribers.

"In the future, search will be powered by millions of community-built Search Apps – not 2-3 general purpose search engines," added Pragada. "Together, we will unlock the Deep Web."

About Semantifi

Semantifi Inc. is a pioneer in Web Data Search with the goal of unlocking structured content within the 'Deep Web.' The portal enables Internet users with a platform to publish and search datasets as Search Apps. With Search Apps, users can ask simple questions, search all published datasets, get relevant answers, and interpret data with automatic visuals, such as charts and tables. The Semantifi portal includes numerous search applications and the company is in the process of licensing its technology to third parties to power Semantic Search across vertical industries. For more information, please visit

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US News and LOUD3R Join to Add Real-Time Content to Congress Tracker – (press release)

US News and LOUD3R Join to Add Real-Time Content to Congress Tracker (press release)
LOUD3R combines semantic technology with human knowledge to discover comprehensive, contextual content on any topic. Its powerful Curation Platform software

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Callimachus: Semantic Web Apps Made Easy

Date: September 15, 2010, 11:00AM (1 hour)
Register: View the recorded webcast
Q&A: Q & A – Callimachus: Semantic Web Apps Made Easy


RDFa makes it easy for Web publishers to expose data on the Web, but RDFa can also make it easy to develop Web data applications. Watch how easy it is to replace complex data schemas and their SQL queries with simple RDFa attributes in your HTML markup!

In this webcast, James Leigh, a lead developer (with David Wood) on the Callimachus Project, will show us how a Web developer can create semantically-enabled Web applications with a minimal knowledge of the internals of the Semantic Web and SQL. For further details, see Callimachus Project at


  1. This webcast walks you through some of the sample applications with Callimachus. To find out more about these sample applications and to download them, visit:
  2. Callimachus uses the Turtle syntax for its configuration files. The Turtle syntax is explained here:
  3. RDFa is used in the template language of Callimachus. An introduction to RDFa (the data format) can be found here:
  4. During this webcast some browser extensions are used, they can be downloaded here:


James Leigh
James Leigh
Independent Software Consultant
James Leigh is an independent Software Consultant based in Toronto. James is a co-creator of Callimachus and is involved in other public semantic Web projects, such as the PURL server and Sesame store. James has been building web applications for ten years with emphasis on performance and technology integration. His experience modelling business problems and concepts in software has enabled his clients to rapidly move from concepts to prototypes to production systems.