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Semantic Web Jobs: University at Buffalo


The University at Buffalo is looking for a Postdoctoral Associate in Buffalo, NY. The post states that this position will be responsible for the following: “Tool development for logical representation of ontologies using OWL. Exploratory work in developing and deploying ontologies for clinical and translational research. Work on reasoning systems for ontologies at scale.” This is a postdoctoral position in the oral diagnostic sciences department. Read more

Researchers Using Data from Tropical Storm Irene to Prepare for Future Storms

Researchers from the University at Buffalo are using linked data from Tropical Storm Irene to conduct a damage assessment “that could help hard-hit communities in New York plan for future disasters.” The article notes, “Through data analysis and modeling, the scientists will be able to categorize the flood in the context of historical disasters. The information the researchers produce could help planners create more accurate watershed models and flood maps to better protect communities and infrastructure along Schoharie Creek from a future disaster.” Read more