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An AI Program To Make A Go At Getting Into The University of Tokyo

At Japan’s National Institute of Informatics (NII), in Tokyo, a research team is trying to create an artificial intelligence program that has enough smarts to pass Japan’s most rigorous entrance exams, reports IEEE Spectrum’s Eliza Strickland. The AI will start by taking the standardized test administered to all secondary school students; once it masters that test, it will move on to the more difficult University of Tokyo exam, she writes.

Strickland continues the story with an interview with Noriko Arai, the team leader and a professor at NII. Arai notes that, by having the AI answer real questions from the exams, “we can compare the current state-of-the-art AI technology with 18-year-old students.”

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Fujitsu Tries to Get a Robot Into College

Fujitsu Laboratories in association with Japan’s National Institute of Informatics (NII) has announced, “starting this fiscal year, Fujitsu Laboratories will participate in NII’s artificial brain project, known as ‘Can a Robot Pass the University of Tokyo (Todai) Entrance Exam?’, otherwise known as ‘Todai Robot.’ Based on its formula manipulation and computer algebra technology, Fujitsu Laboratories will participate as the math team for the project.” Read more

Semantically Enabled Robot Can Bring You Lunch

Scientists have put semantic search technology into motion, literally: “The following demo, from the University of Tokyo and Technische Universität München, puts semantic search to the test by tasking a PR2 with fetching a sandwich. The PR2 has no detailed information on sandwiches, but its database tells it that sandwiches are a type of food, and that food can be found in kitchens and restaurants, and from that, it figures out where to look.” (View the demo above.) Read more