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USC Collaborating with Smithsonian on Conversion to Linked Open Data

Robert Perkins of USC News reports, “The USC Viterbi School of Engineering’s Information Sciences Institute (ISI) is collaborating with the Smithsonian American Art Museum to provide more detailed and more easily accessed information about artworks in the museum’s collection online than has previously been possible. Through this collaboration, online users will soon be able to access records of more than 40,000 artworks, which will be converted to Linked Open Data (LOD), a system that tags and publishes information online in a structured format designed to be easier to interlink – both inside and outside of the museum’s online presence. ‘We are excited about developing and applying our research tools to support the museum community,’ said Pedro Szekely, research assistant professor at the ISI. ‘The resulting tools are generic, will work with any museum’s databases and they will be made available for free to the museum community’.” Read more

Finding Social Media MVPs in the MLB World Series

IBM and the University of Southern California Annenberg Innovation Lab have joined forces to create a new social media analysis project focused on Major League Baseball’s upcoming World Series: “The USC Annenberg Social Sentiment Index is being compiled by students and relies on IBM Social Analytics technology to analyze millions of tweets in order to assess public social media engagement and opinion from sports and film to retail and fashion.” Read more

Will Computers Replace People in the Workplace?

A new article from Bill Ives discusses that lingering fear in the back of our minds: are computers replacing people? Ives suggests, “That is not really the question to ask. It should rather be conceived as how computers can complement people.” Read more