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Making the Case for Semantic Tech in the Financial Sector

Wall Street

Amir Halfon of Marklogic recently discussed the ways that semantic technologies can create value in the financial sector, among other industries. One such way is through data provenance: “Due to the increased focus on data governance and regulatory compliance in recent years, there’s a growing need to capture the provenance and lineage of data as it goes through its various transformation and changes throughout its lifecycle. Semantic triples provide an excellent mechanism for capturing this information right along with the data it describes. A record representing a trade for instance, can be ‘decorated’ with information about the source of the different elements within it (e.g.: Cash Flow -> wasAttributedTo -> System 123). And this information can be continuously updated as the trade record changes over time, again without the constraints of a schema, which would have made this impossible.” Read more

The Rise of ‘Big Content’

Virginia Backaitis of CMS Wire recently discussed the rise of Big Content and how semantic technologies are taking a role in mining value from said content. She writes, “The first time I heard the term Big Content, I thought ‘Oh brother.’ At the time, the people who used the term “Big Content” either talked about it in terms of content that went beyond their control (i.e. viral) and said that this was a highly desirable thing OR they argued that ‘content’ was growing at a rapid clip, and that Big Data technologies, such as Hadoop, were incapable of dealing with voluminous unstructured data — that you needed something called ‘Big Content’ to do that.” Read more

Battling the Deluge of Data

James Grundvig of the Huffington Post recently interviewed Tagasauris CEO Todd Carter regarding Big Data. Grundvig begins, “The deluge of big data pitted against the diminishing returns of time is the greatest challenge consumers and businesses face today. To sift through the ocean of data in a fast, seamless way will become the next evolutionary step in social media. It’s easy to collect data in a warehouse, but difficult to pull the integral data that can be accessed, analyzed, and acted upon. Without the ability to filter out the background noise of information, efficiency gains won’t be realized and opportunities will be missed. And that could be something as simple as people’s time.” Read more

The Value of Linked Open Data

Anwen Robinson has written a new article regarding the value of linked data and the route to taking data from “linked” to “open.” Robinson states, “We live in a connected society, where devices and data are being pulled together to profoundly change business, our personal lives, society and even nations. In this introduction to this Agenda, I want to try to outline, in non-technical terms, some of the benefits to the sector (and ultimately the taxpayer) of extracting and linking data. I say ‘some of the benefits’ because, like Twitter, Facebook and the internet itself, this technology will provide visibility and intelligence that will profoundly change the world in unpredictable ways.” Read more

Semantic Technologies: Common, Coherent & Standard

Lee Feigenbaum recently wrote an article on the value of semantic web technologies, noting in particular the value of making semantic technologies common, coherent, and standard. Feigenbaum writes, “Semantic Web technologies are broadly applicable to many, many different use cases. People use them to publish pricing data online, to uncover market opportunities, to integrate data in the bowels of corporate IT, to open government data, to promote structured scientific discourse, to build open social networks, to reform supply chain inefficiencies, to search employee skill sets, and to accomplish about ten thousand other tasks.” Read more