With Veteran’s Day upon us, Victory Media has unveiled its new Military Friendly Employers search site, which provides a way for service members to search, sort, compare, and find a Top 100 Military Employer from nationally ranked companies. Some 16,000 facts – percentage of military that makes up new hires at a firm, support for part-time spouse employment during deployment, assurance of having the same position upon return, full salary for duration of Guard and Reserve duty, and more – feed these searches to point military personnel to the companies whose practices and policies are a fit for them.

Victory Media has been publishing the list since 2003, but this year searching through it is powered by WebKite’s content management platform. Military Friendly Employers is one of about a dozen sites using the company’s technology. It’s not semantic web search, but it is about adding contextual meaning to a data owner’s information to transform it into a vertical search engine site, which it calls a kite. The idea is that data owners can import their data into its management system, and work with its developer and integration team to customize it to their domain needs, including how they think users want to search the decision space. Users can then search, sort, and interact with the content through decision tools, top 10 lists, user reviews, and ratings.

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