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Symplectic Becomes the First DuraSpace Registered Service Provider for the VIVO Project

vivoResearch Information recently reported, “Symplectic Limited, a software company specialising in developing, implementing, and integrating research information systems, has become the first DuraSpace Registered Service Provider (RSP) for the VIVO Project. VIVO is an open-source, open-ontology, open-process platform for hosting information about the interests, activities and accomplishments of scientists and scholars. VIVO aims to support open development and integration of science and scholarship through simple, standard semantic web technologies.” Read more

Building The Scientific Knowledge Graph

saimgeStandard Analytics, which was a participant at the recent TechStars event in New York City, has a big goal on its mind: To organize the world’s scientific information by building a complete scientific knowledge graph.

The company’s co-founders, Tiffany Bogich and Sebastien Ballesteros,came to the conclusion that someone had to take on the job as a result of their own experience as researchers. A problem they faced, says Bogich, was being able to access all the information behind published results, as well as search and discover across papers. “Our thesis is that if you can expose the moving parts – the data, code, media – and make science more discoverable, you can really advance and accelerate research,” she says.

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University Libraries Adopts VIVO Application for Faculty Collaboration


Marketing and Communications, April 10, 2014 — The Texas A&M University Libraries is preparing to launch VIVO, a web-based community of research profiles to enhance faculty collaboration. By providing standard research profiles for all university faculty and graduate students, researchers can discover and contact individuals with similar interests whether they are across campus or at another VIVO institution. The data entry and standardization will continue through the summer with the VIVO debut planned for Open Access Week in October 2014.  Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: DuraSpace


DuraSpace is looking for a VIVO Project Director to work remotely or in Boston, MA. According to the post, “DuraSpace is seeking a dynamic and entrepreneurial Project Director for the open source VIVO project (, a world-wide community focused on creating software tools, ontologies, and services. The VIVO Project Director will have the opportunity to play a major role in a collaborative movement that will shape the future of research. VIVO is an open source semantic web application for integrating and sharing information about researchers and their activities and outputs at a single institution while supporting discovery of related work and expertise across a distributed network of institutions. The VIVO Project Director is a new, full-time position.” Read more

VIVO Looks To Next-Gen Scholarship And Its Interconnected Future

VIVO, a semantic information representation system that enables collaboration among scientists across all disciplines, has had a busy summer: The open source project to facilitate the advancement of research and discovery by integrating information about scholars, their activities, and outputs, gained a more permanent home in the DuraSpace Incubator, ensuring a way to continue activities after its NIH grant continuation year ran out. It saw the publication of VIVO: A Semantic Approach to Scholarly Networking and Discovery. And Northwestern University brought its researchers together in a single hub called Northwestern Scholars, an implementation of Elsevier’s SciVal Experts research networking tool (see our story here).

The future is looking pretty bright, too. “We are very interested in funding, research resources, scholarly works, scholars and data sets,” says Mike Conlon, primary investigator of the VIVO project. “As the world moves forward, these things are all inter-related, but that’s been very blurry, especially to organizations and institutions.” Funding agencies, for example, want to know what work was produced as a result of its grants to a major center. It no longer is just a question of who wrote a paper, but who funded it, what tools were behind it, and how was the data produced, and how all these things inter-relate in a scholarly data system.

“Connecting these things becomes the work of the future,” says Conlon.

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Northwestern Joins VIVO Semantic Network

Elsevier reports that Northwestern University “in collaboration with Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, today announced its participation in VIVO, a semantic network that enables the discovery of researchers across institutions. By bringing its researchers together in a single hub called Northwestern Scholars, an implementation of Elsevier’s SciVal Experts research networking tool, and connecting to VIVO through SciVal, Northwestern University facilitates collaboration and accelerates knowledge discovery within the organization and with other research institutions throughout the United States and beyond.” Read more