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Semantic Technology Jobs: Amazon

Amazon is looking for a Research Scientist, Social Shopping Technology and Machine Learning in Seattle, WA. The post states, “Amazon needs a seasoned research scientist to join customer reviews development team in Seattle, WA. We own Amazon’s famous Customer Reviews – one of the world’s largest community driven products. User contributed reviews are a tremendously visible aspect of Amazon’s brand and a key competitive advantage. Millions of shoppers use customer reviews every day to make buying decisions through our global websites and mobile apps. This translates to a direct impact to Amazon’s core business and customer experience… You’re a scientist looking for a career where you’ll be able to lead, to deliver, and to influence. Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Institute for Systems Biology


The Institute for Systems Biology is looking for a Software Engineer with graph database experience in Seattle, WA. According to the post, “The successful candidate will join a diverse group of researchers that include computational biologists, clinicians, doctors and engineers. The Software Engineer will be part of a software team that is designing systems comprised of collaborative web apps, interactive visualizations, and data warehouses holding clinical and genomic data types from tens of thousands of patients. Candidates must be very comfortable working in a team environment, and possess strong interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills. Attention to detail, time management skills, and the ability to work independently with a high level of initiative are required.” Read more

Semantic Technology Jobs: Boeing


Boeing is searching for Advanced Technologists in Bellevue, WA, and elsewhere. The post states, “The Boeing IT Organization is filling a series of Advanced Technologist positions for Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics. The selected candidate will lead in-depth business engagement to profile and address complex business problems for internal Boeing business units/customers. They will be responsible for development of the following: analyses, reports, with recommendations and insights from data. The new hire will lead analytical projects that support strategic business direction/decisions, as well as, tactical program(s) execution plans. Where appropriate proactively communicates/surfaces internal analytic opportunities to their manager for the Boeing IT organization.” Read more

Semantic Technology Jobs: Bing


Bing is looking for a Senior Software Development Engineer in Bellevue, WA. The post states, “The Bing Local Search Relevance Platform team is responsible for building the world best relevance platform to serve the user’s search intent regarding location, business, address on web, mobile and map entry points and ensure the market expansion for Bing local search faster and cheaper crossing the world.  Location and local query understanding is an important part of local search platform and we are looking for the talent who is interested in solving hard relevance problem in the scalable way: mining against large volume of data from web and internal logs; building scalable solution to construct the machine learned query intent classifiers and query parsers and other ranking features based on query and query context; handling the requests from markets about localization experience and design the platform feature to support the search relevance improvements for different cultures.” Read more

Semantic Technology Jobs: Salesforce is searching for Software Engineers – Search Relevancy in Seattle, WA. According to the post, “The Search Engineering team at is seeking talented and experienced software engineers to develop the next generation of search relevancy behind our multi-tenant cloud-scale search system.  Ideal candidates have experience solving real-world search relevancy challenges in large scale hosted search services, have proven ability to design, develop, and optimize the critical sub-systems of a large-scale hosted service. We want you to develop and implement strategies for utilizing natural language processing, intent analysis, machine learning and other leading edge technologies to help drive measurable relevancy improvements in a variety of use cases and businesses that leverage our search to deliver rich user experiences.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Institute for Systems Biology


The Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) is looking for a Software Developer in Seattle, WA, to “build web based tools for analysis of cancer genomic data to advance understanding of tumor biology, accelerate new discoveries, and facilitate personalized therapy as a part of our recent award from the Life Science Discovery Fund (LSDF | This position will also contribute to our work as a genomic data analysis center for The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA |” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Amazon

Amazon is looking for a Principal Data Engineer in Seattle, WA. The post states, “Are you a data analysis ninja? can you seamlessly transition between OLAP/Relational, Graph/RDF and Hive/EMR without breaking a sweat? want to dive deep into the world’s largest financial/contract transaction system and help formalize our ability to make it automatically actionable for our mission critical LOB systems? This is a new effort within Vendor Systems that requires the ability to work independently and efficiently and come up with solutions that are sustainable and efficient and directly impact Amazon’s bottom line, if you want to leave a mark on the future of Amazon, this is your chance.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Amazon is looking for a Senior Software Developer in Seattle, WA. The post states, “Our team is mining for interesting topics and the authoritative relationships between them. We blend of a variety of disciplines (such as NLP, data mining, machine learning, big data, semantic web, graph stores, cloud computing) in an effort to understand our customers and the things they’re excited bout. For example: “Harry Potter” is a fictional universe based around a series of books, and “Harry Potter Wands” are essential costume components. While there are knowledge and entity graphs out there, none capture the rich lifestyles and topics our customers are interested in. And we don’t just build data: we’re looking for developers with Web & App development experience to help us find new ways to interact with our customers.” Read more

Semantic Technology Jobs: Bing

Bing is looking for a Senior Software Development Engineer in Bellevue, WA. According to the post, “Have you ever issued a query to a search engine, and the information you got back was inappropriate or, worse yet, offensive? Or maybe you set the safesearch mode to ‘strict’, expecting the search engine to filter out explicit adult material, but were surprised with adult content making its way into the results page anyway? Here at Bing Adult Filtering team we are committed to providing a ‘safe’ search experience to Bing’s users. Our mission is to protect our users by identifying and filtering out content that is a) inappropriate for a particular age group, b) offensive and unwanted given user intent or c) illegal in a particular market. It is up to this team to ensure that, for example, a kid querying for ‘babe’ or high-schooler querying for ‘sex education’ do not get inundated with links to inappropriate material and we take tremendous pride in knowing that *we* prevent such poor experience that’s harmful both to the user as well as the Bing brand.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Bing

Bing, a division of Microsoft, is looking for a Senior Software Development Engineer in Bellevue, WA. The post states, “We are looking for a Senior SDE to join us in developing a structured data repository that will enable Bing teams to quickly experiment and manage structured data in a multitude of formats and schemas. Write, validate and deploy distributed software and tools that will scale to multiple partners and process large amounts of data. Example challenges include: managing storage of large numbers of structured data entities, enable incremental updates for a connected graph of entities, managing the set of entities and their relationships while being able to efficiently extract a group of entities from a repository. Injesting structured data defined in a variety of formats and schemas and making it usable for publishing to the web index, and developing a rich meta-data repository of structured data feeds and schemas.” Read more