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@WalmartLabs Acquires Adchemy


Jeremy King of WalmartLabs reports, “We’re thrilled to welcome 60+ talented technologists from Adchemy to @WalmartLabs, adding to our expertise in areas like semantic search, data analytics and marketing. Getting to where we are today has been quite a ride. Several years ago we realized that to scale e-commerce to Walmart’s 245 million weekly customers around the world, we needed world-class talent and agile teams that could develop innovative and scalable technologies. We set forth to recruit, acquire and integrate the best technologies and talent in Silicon Valley. It started with the creation of @WalmartLabs three years ago, which is the tech and innovation arm of Global eCommerce. And, Adchemy is our twelfth acquisition since Labs’ creation, and one of our largest to date in terms of people.” Read more

GS1 Explores How Its Systems And Standards Will Fit Into The Semantic Web

gs1usnewGS1, the standards organization responsible for barcodes and the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), among other things, is working to extend the standards used for the identification of goods in the brick and mortar retail world into the web realm. As part of an overall conversation with its retail industry members about focusing more broadly on the digital space, it’s exploring how GS1 systems and standards fit into the semantic web.

What we call the UPC code in North America – and the GTIN (Global Trade Identification Network) code elsewhere – is a key part of the discussion. “The interesting thing is that the folks did some work to show how the GS1 system could be represented in their schemas,” says Bernie Hogan, Senior Vice President, Emerging Capabilities and Industries, who is spearheading GS1 US’s work in the online space. The properties include quantitative values based on GTIN codes . “We started looking at that and started asking how we can build upon it.”  (Barbara Starr’s recent SearchEngineLand column provides insight into the benefits today of using GS1 identifiers and structured data, including semantic markup on websites, for e-commerce.)

Today, GS1 US’s B2C Alliance now is working with its community to test some of the concepts around embedding the GS1 system in the web, and how that may positively or negatively impact how retailers’ and brand owners’ products are seen by search engines, says Hogan. “Everything with a unique identifier on the web is merging with Linked Open Data, and that gets pretty interesting, so we are working on a strategy to learn how we can fit into this whole thing,” he says, with the help of the GS1 Auto ID Labs research arm. “We ultimately want to make some standards recommendations, but first we are going through the process of testing and getting consensus and doing some research on how that might be done. But it is all about improving search and relevance for identifying products and finding related information.”

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Walmart Labs Gains a Bit of “Insight”

Rip Empson of TechCrunch reports, “Josh Fraser and Jon Fox founded Torbit in 2010 after becoming fed up with the amount of time they and other engineers dedicated to the tedious process of managing website performance optimization — by hand. In 2012, the Sunnyvale-based startup launched its first solution, called Insight, in an effort to make the tools they’d spent years developing internally available to the public — without requiring a degree in computer science or 15 developers to understand them.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: WalmartLabs

Walmart is looking for a Big Data Engineer in San Bruno, CA. The post states, “Do you like big data? Like really big data? Like multi-terabyte data sets with billions of rows? Do you like the idea of pulling, pushing, slicing and dicing this data in real-time using using Hadoop, Hbase, Hive and more? Now let’s add some intelligence to the mix using machine learning, data mining and predictive analytics and shazam – you have the underpinnings of @WalmartLabs.” Read more

WalmartLabs, Viacom to Give Opening Keynotes at SemTechBiz SF

The 2013 Semantic Technology and Business Conference in San Francisco is fast approaching. The conference, which will run June 2-5, will combine innovative panels, case studies, tutorials, roundtables, keynotes, and lightning sessions that will give you an unparalleled interactive experience. Starting things off with a splash, the opening keynotes will feature speakers from WalmartLabs and Viacom.

Opening Keynotes:

How to Connect People and Products Using Big, Fast, and Heterogeneous Data with Abhishek Gattani, Senior Director, Distinguished Architect – WalmartLabs

With over 200 million people walking into stores each week, 43+ million unique visitors per month online, and access to the full twitter fire-hose (i.e. 200 million tweets per day), WalmartLabs is processing large amounts of data to help connect people to products and also provide unexpected insights to merchants. How do we turn this data into insights? How do we combine data internal to an enterprise with social data such as tweets and data from the “traditional” Web such as Wikipedia? When is social and web data useful? These are key questions when building any Big Data system. In this talk, Abhishek will discuss WalmartLabs’ work in this area and give examples of where social and web data was used to solve some key challenges faced when building the eCommerce search engine of the world’s largest retailer. Read more

Walmart Launches Internally-Built Search Engine, Polaris

Ryan Kim of GigaOM reports that Walmart has built its own search engine called Polaris. He writes, “Walmart is deploying a new internally-built search engine to power and ultimately increase sales conversions from searches. The Polaris search engine, developed by @WalmartLabs over the last 10 months, has been in use for the last few months and has already boosted conversions to sales by 10-15 percent, the company said.” Read more

Wal-Mart: The Next Data Company?

Joe McKendrick recently reported on Wal-Mart’s growing influence, not as a retailer, but as a data business. McKendrick writes, “Already, the lines have blurred between traditionally non-information technology companies and IT companies to the point where you can’t tell the two apart. But what’s really of value is not the software that’s being produced and shared, it’s the data that’s being generated and analyzed. This represents the future of many businesses — again, traditionally non-IT businesses — as they seek competitive advantage in a hyper-competitive global marketplace.” Read more

Walmart Pushes for Greater Online Sales through Social Genome Technology

A recent article reports, “In April, Walmart dropped $300 million on social media startup Kosmix to compete against Amazon with @WalmartLabs. Specifically, the retailer was targeting Anand Rajaraman, 38, and Venky Harinarayan, 44, who founded Kosmix, the creator of TweetBeat. The Stanford grads also founded Junglee, an e-commerce company that Amazon bought back in 1998 for more than $250 million (where they then worked for two years, building its marketplace division).” Read more