Have you been thinking about the concept of “weakly inferred meanings (WIMs)” – a machine-tractable representation of meaning from text – of late? An in-the-works organization, OpenWIMS.org, has.

OpenWIMS explains itself as an organization for defining standards in semantic text processing, and an open source implementation of a semantic analyzer, whose output is a collection of WIMs. The system, it further explains, is a semantic text analysis engine that lives on a syntactic­ semantic lexicon and expects as input a set of syntactic dependencies for the target text.

“The system takes natural language text and does its best to pull that text down to machine-tractable meaning representations that can then be auto-reasoned upon by computerized agents, and made available for data mining,” says Benjamin Johnson, one of the three people behind the emerging organization. “It’s how to get free-form text into something very well-defined and structured and that can be reasoned upon.”

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