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Semantic Web Jobs: Siemens


Siemens is searching for a Research Scientist – Web of Things in Berkeley, CA. According to the post, “The Web of Things research group has been newly established in Berkeley, California as part of Corporate Technology, a division of Siemens Corporation… The Web of Things research group… has an immediate opening for a full-time Research Scientist position to work on R&D projects in applying semantic technologies to embedded systems for enabling Internet of Things applications in industrial and health contexts. The candidate will have extensive knowledge and experience in semantic technologies (ontologies, rules), semantic web services, knowledge representation and reasoning formalisms (RDF/OWL).” Read more

Moving Past the Internet of Things to the Web of Things

Greg Satell of Digital Tonto recently outlined the difference between the Internet of Things and the Web of Things, explaining why he thinks the Web of Things will take over. He writes, “As computer chips became smaller, cheaper and less power hungry, it became possible to incorporate them into just about anything.  In 1999, a young assistant brand manager at Procter and Gamble named Kevin Ashton realized that by implanting RFID chips into products they could revolutionize the supply chain.  The Internet of Things was born.” Read more