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Technology Brief: Machine Learning on Natural Language Text and Log Data

Skytree - the machine learning company - LogoSkytree, “The Machine Learning Company,” has published a technology brief entitled, “Machine Learning on Natural Language Text and Log Data.”

The author of the brief is Nick Pendar, PhD, who serves as NLP Data Scientist for the company.

Pendar states, “Critical business information is often in the form of unstructured and semi-structured data that can be hard or impossible to interpret with legacy systems. In this brief, discover how you can use machine learning to analyze both unstructured text data and semi-structured log data, providing you with the insights needed to achieve your business goals.”

Download your free copy today from the DATAVERSITY website:

Download the Skytree technology brief today.

An Introduction to RAGE Semantic Intelligence Technology


WESTWOOD, Mass., March 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – RAGE Frameworks, a provider of technology enabled solutions and services, introduces breakthrough Semantic Intelligence technology, integrated with its patented and model driven Business Process Automation platform.


The immense untapped strategic and operational potential buried in the body of information and knowledge in cyberspace continues to be a bridge too far, even in 2014.  So does the Real Time Intelligent Business Enterprise.  The technology to unlock the potential of Big Data and make it practical and applicable to drive new value for old [and new] businesses is still in its infancy, and lags the hype around Big Data by a great distance.  Read more

MESA Announces New White Paper: The Role of Semantic Models in Smarter Industrial Operations

CHANDLER, ARIZ. — The paper investigates the application of semantic model design and technology in industrial operations integration and the evolving role of Semantic Computing in operations management.  Semantic (data) modeling as a core component of application architecture is compared to more familiar architectural integration patterns. As operations functions are described, the value of semantic models is illustrated through a series of examples that should be familiar to the reader. Read more

White Paper: “The Business Value of Semantic Technology”

Image of white paper cover: "The Business Value of Semantic Technology"

Free Download at

“If you don’t understand what your software engineers are talking about, perhaps it’s because they are using a vocabulary they invented for the problem they are solving.” This begins a white paper called, “The Business Value of Semantic Technology” by Chris Moran, CTO, Information Management Solutions Consultants, Inc.

Moran continues, “Engineers invent a vocabulary and data structure for each system they build and each problem they solve, and only the engineers who built the system understand this structure and vocabulary. Even other engineers must learn it in order to make the data usable. In most enterprises today, we have as many different ways to ask questions of our data as we have systems to store it. We have as many different vocabularies and data structures as we have systems. The problem is actually worse than it sounds….

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New Whitepaper: Semantic Technologies & Social Business Platforms

A new whitepaper is available for free via Refinder. The paper entitled Semantic Technologies Tap Unrealized Potentials of Social Business Platforms was written by Franz Jachim, Leo Sauermann and Bernhard Schandl. The abstract states, “Social technologies and collaboration tools start to find broad acceptance in the enterprise domain. As well, semantic technologies have been around for a while, offering a range of benefits in the handling of information, including the pervasive linking of content, fostering new forms of content discovery and navigation, and improving content metadata and information retrieval.” Read more

Booz&co Releases Whitepaper on the Power of Web 3.0

Booz&co has released a new white paper entitled Designing the Transcendent Web: The Power of Web 3.0. The report states, “Web 3.0—what we call the Transcendent Web—has four key elements: The Social Web will greatly enhance the capabilities of social networking, allowing for more powerful search, location, recommendation, and similar services. The Semantic Web will connect all the Web’s data and information much more closely, enabling contextually based search and research. The Internet of Things will let Web-connected machines of all kinds communicate with each other and with us, creating a rich flow of data about their location and status. And thanks to advances in Artificial Intelligence, all this information can be aggregated and analyzed to further refine search, recommendations, and other kinds of information filtering.” Read more

WHITE PAPER: Putting Semantics to Work in Financial Services

Putting Semantics to Work in Financial, in association with Recognos Financial and Expert System, is pleased to provide this white paper (PDF, opens in new window) as a free resource.  The white paper serves as an introduction to the use of Semantic Technology in the financial services industry, but the techniques and technologies referred to here can also be applied to other enterprises.

Topics covered include:

  • Why Semantic Technology Matters
  • Knowledge Management: More than just search
  • Customer Care: Using semantics for valuable insight
  • Sentiment Analysis: Hearing the voice of the customer
  • Key Benefits of Semantic Technologies (working with unstructured data, data integration, and data mining)

Be sure to also check out the recent webcast:
“Why Semantics Matter: Demonstrating the Power of Semantic Technology in Financial Services,” also created in partnership with Expert System and Recognos Financial.

Please let us know what you think and if you would like to see more resources like this by commenting below.

WEBCAST: Why Semantics Matter: Demonstrating the Power of Semantic Technology in Financial Services

Bryan Bell, VP Enterprise Solutions, Expert System and Drew Warren, President and CEO, Recognos FinancialIf you missed the live webcast with Drew Warren of Recognos Financial and Bryan Bell of Expert System, the recording is now available and posted below. 


The software that runs computers is getting smarter every day. Semantic technology allows computers to understand the meaning of words —content and context— helping put users in touch with the right information at the right time.

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