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Knode Teams with Wiley to Create Researcher Portals with Semantic Mining


Dian Schaffhauser of Campus Technology recently wrote, “A startup that offers a cloud-based biomedical search and profiling platform is teaming up with a major publisher of scientific and technical texts to create customized research portals for academic organizations and scientific societies. Knode will be working with John Wiley & Sons to set up searchable research networks to help users locate research expertise. Currently, Knode’s focus is on life sciences, but the company expects to expand to other fields ‘soon,’ according to an interview with CEO David Steinberg posted on the Wiley Web site.” Read more

Semantic Wave Hits STM Publishing, Part 1: Current Cash Cows

WWW.jpgWhen Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the protocols that became the Web in 1991, he was thinking mainly about scientific information. He would have been surprised to learn that in 2010, music, dating and shopping had been completely changed but that scientific publishing had NOT been fundamentally disrupted. The disruption of STM (Scientific, Technical, Medical) publishing has been the most forecasted event that never happened. In a further irony, the peer review process at the heart of STM publishing became the inspiration for Google Page Rank. That changed the web and made $ billions but left STM publishing mostly unaffected.

So STM Publishing is currently only in Act 2 of the Creative Destruction 7 Act Play. The old guard players are firmly in place and the few innovators are like straws blowing in the wind of change. The debate about when we will move to the later acts, when disruptive change will finally happen, rages within the STM business. Our view is that we ARE on the cusp of disruptive change and that it will be brought on by the implementation of social networking and semantic technology.

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