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Connect Those Big Data Dots

It shouldn’t be surprising that Entagen, which makes the semantically-enabled Big Data analytics and collaboration engine TripleMap, has had its sights set on the life sciences space. CEO Christopher Bouton has his Ph.D in molecular neurobiology and has worked at a number of bio tech firms, as well as been the head of integrative data mining at Pfizer – a company that’s using TripleMap for visualized knowledge maps of associations between domain-specific entities (see our story here).

“We see some really compelling and exciting applications of this type of technology in the life sciences space,” says Bouton. But TripleMap can be applied to any scenario where Big Data dots must be connected so that users can collaborate around the understanding of the associations between entities – health care, legal, retail and finance all come to mind.

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Windows 8 Missed Opportunity to Compete with Siri

Mark Sullivan of PC World recently posed the question, why doesn’t Microsoft have an answer to Siri built into Windows 8? He writes, “Windows 8 is supposed to be Microsoft’s majestic OS reseta dramatic overhaul designed to usher the Windows platform into the age of mobility. And Windows 8 is also Microsoft’s bid to achieve feature parity with iOS and Android, the other two OS powerhouses in the mobile universe. But one key feature–one hot, relevant, rock-star-caliber feature–is conspicuously absent from the Windows 8 repertoire: Intelligent, semantically aware voice control is nowhere to be found in the new OS.” Read more