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Wolfram|Alpha Dives Into Facebook Analytics

Heading into the Labor Day weekend, Wolfram|Alpha released a new feature that lets users perform personal analytics with Facebook data, for free. Users can head here and type in “Facebook Report” for an analysis of their Facebook data.

Stephen Wolfram, the creator of the computational knowledge engine, alerted the world to the news in this blog post. “When you type “facebook report,” Wolfram|Alpha generates a pretty seriously long report—almost a small book about you, with more than a dozen major chapters, broken into more than 60 sections, with all sorts of drill-downs, alternate views, etc.,” he writes.

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Bringing Semantics to Text

The Sysomos Blog recently discussed its work in text analytics: “While text analysis has been around for many years, it becomes a lot more challenging with social media. Online conversations are informally written, there are too many grammatical and spelling errors, and there is far too much data.”

The article continues, “Over the last few years, our team has developed several key algorithms for machines to make sense of the data: sentiment analysis, language translation, short document summaries, keyword word clouds, visual buzzgraphs, popular phrases, semantic analysis with entities, and key conversations… Read more