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Amazon Gets An Emmy, But Semantic Discovery Wins Too

Yosi Glick, co-Founder and CEO of semantic taste engine Jinni, recently wrote a post about the technology and engineering Emmy award that is to be given to Amazon’s Instant Video  for its personalized recommendation algorithms.

The basis for awarding the honor, he writes, lies with Amazon’s early item-to-item collaborative filtering (CF) algorithms that analyze consumer data to find statistical connections between items and then uses that as the basis for recommendations. But, says Glick, the company may be soon heading toward a fundamentally different approach.

“Amazon,” Glick explains, “is using the Emmy award to flaunt its latest Video Finder service, that seems to leave CF behind and embrace a new semantic approach to recommendation.”

Amazon is embracing semantics for its video content because it realizes that video is different than regular consumer items. TV and movies are “entertainment that is consumed based on personal tastes and our particular mood at the moment.  The types of content each of us enjoy is not based on what ‘other people have also watched’, rather it has to do with the plots, moods, style and pace,” he writes. “So content has to be described and discovered the same way we choose and experience it.”

Categories in Amazon’s Video Finder service  include classifications that describe the mood, plot, style and pace of titles — meaningful classifications that Glick says are the basis for semantic discovery. You can read the entire piece here.



Microsoft Cuts a Deal with Semantic Movie Startup Jinni

A new article reports, “Microsoft has announced a deal with Israeli movie startup Jinni, licensing its semantic discovery technology to bring personalised recommendations for films and television shows to its varying array of desktop, mobile and gaming devices. The Redmond-based software giant is quiet on the details but it is likely it will use Jinni’s Discovery Engine and Entertainment Genome to help classify databases of television shows and films, sorting them into mood, plot and style to allow for easy discovery on a variety of Windows devices.” Read more

Semantic Movie, TV “Taste Engine” Jinni Enjoys New Funding, Plans Added Services, and Explains Why It Can Be More Helpful Than Facebook’s Like Button

2010 ended on a down note for VC funds. Word came this week that 2010 represented the fourth consecutive year of declines and the slowest annual period for venture capital fundraising since 2003, according to Thomson Reuters and the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA).

The silver lining, the NVCA said, is that downsizing of the venture industry has positive implications for investors and entrepreneurs.  “An agile venture capital model likely translates into more capital efficient and fewer duplicative deals in the IT arena,” said its president, Mark Heesen in a release, adding, “The most innovative and efficient companies will continue to be funded by the venture community.”

That must be happy news for semantic web movie and TV “taste engine” Jinni. 2011 started out on a good note for the site, with its announcement that it closed a series B funding round for $5 million. The round was led by two strategic investors: Belgacom – Belgium’s leading telco – and an undisclosed Tier-1 connected-TV manufacturer. Jinni’s service enables Belgacom to offer its customers personalized movie recommendations and discovery, on TV, mobile and web platforms. Venture capital firm DFJ Tamir Fishman Ventures (which previously led Jinni’s Round A funding) also participated.

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