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Zendesk Gains Some Machine Learning from


Eric Blattberg of VentureBeat reports, “Zendesk, Wall Street’s latest technology darling, has soaked up some machine learning smarts courtesy of the nerds at Zendesk, the newly public help-desk company, now integrates with, the latter’s chief technology officer Joshua Bloom announced on-stage at VentureBeat’s DataBeat conference today. is a machine-learning technology that helps businesses identify important events in their data. Equipped with’s artificial intelligence tech, Zendesk customers will be able to focus their human resources on the problems that really require human support reps, automating as much of the other stuff as possible.” Read more

Hojoki Goes Mobile, Drives The Social Work Graph

Hojoki, the cloud productivity-app aggregator with semantic tech underpinnings that The Semantic Web Blog first discussed here, is going mobile. The company’s launching the take-along version of the app, which delivers a single newsfeed of users’ cloud-connected work, for both Android and iOS platforms at The Next Web Conference’s Startup Rally event.

In the coming weeks, the mobile version will add to the newsfeed features including collaboration and push notifications, says CEO and co-founder Martin Böhringer.

As far as collaboration goes, the company is announcing in conjunction with its mobile news the addition of new social features to make that process easier. It wants to advance the cause of helping users leverage what it calls the much- overlooked Work Graph. “Our mission now is: discover the Work Graph,” says Böhringer. The Work Graph, he explains, consists of the people you’re working with, and Hojoki already know most of them if you’ve connected it to some productivity apps.

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Cloud App Activities Unite on Hojoki

From Dropbox to Google Docs, cloud applications are increasingly becoming a part of business users’ everyday productivity toolbox. Hojoki – taken from the name of an old Japanese book about the way of life and the flow of events – aims to aggregate those cloud apps into a Facebook-like activity feed, underpinned by semantic technology.

“We really think the real pain point up to now is that work and communication about work are separated,” says Martin Böhringer, co-founder and CEO. “We integrate the productivity apps that people already are using so that they show up in the stream” where people are communicating.

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